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Document Checklist for Germany Student Visa

Document Checklist for Germany Student Visa

Germany is a very popular destination among students to study abroad. Germany is well known for its quality education at a very low cost. Studying in Germany can be the dream of many students but only a few students make it happen. If you are willing to study in a German education system, then the acceptance letter from the university will be your first step towards your goal. Once you have the acceptance letter then you can easily apply for a student visa.

Types of German Student Visa

If you are willing to study in Germany, then a visa is a necessity for you. There are 3 types of student visas available. While applying for the visa you need to be very careful when choosing the type of visa. These types are

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You can get this visa with your letter of acceptance from the university.

    • Student Applicant Visa

This visa is for candidates who have not got their acceptance letter till now.

If you are enrolled in a short-term course spanning from 3 months to 1 year, then this visa is for you.

Document Requirements to Apply for Visa

One must have a visa for travelling to another country. To get a visa, you need the following documents:

    • Passport (original with at least any two pages blank and photocopy) 
    • APS Certificate
    • Visa Application Form
    • 3 Passport size Photographs not older than 6 Months
    • University acceptance letter (Depends on the visa you are willing to)
    • Proof of Blocked account: Banned account’s maximum monthly withdrawal: 934 Euros from Jan. 1, 2023. Consider extra funds for initial expenses like room deposit. Ensure sufficient resources accordingly.
    • Where appropriate, proof of tuition payment for the first two semesters
    • Resume
    • All Academic Certificates
    • Student Health Insurance 
    • Proof of Language Proficiency
    • Letter of Motivation
    • Travel Health Insurance: valid for three months from the date of enrolment at the university (specified in your admission letter) from the time of arrival in Germany.
    • Proof of Accommodation (If any)
    • Demand Draft of Visa Payment: A visa fee of EUR 75 is only payable in INR.

Important Tips

    • Prepare two identical application sets.
    • Bring original certificates and job contracts along with supporting documentation.
    • Do not staple any papers together.
    • Note that German Missions may request further paperwork or verification, incurring additional costs.
    • Submitting the documents does not guarantee visa approval.
    • The application may be denied if insufficient supporting materials are provided or the applicant refuses to attend a visa interview.
    • The application is currently marked as incomplete.
    • Despite being informed of its incompleteness, the applicant insists on submitting the current application.

A visa is necessary to enter a country and for students, it is more crucial. You need to be very careful with the documents and deadlines. Usually, the Student visa process takes 6 weeks to 10 weeks. Hence you are suggested to apply for a visa 3 months before the first day of your semester. Do not forget the APS certificate as it is also very necessary nowadays.

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