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Germany: Sim Card for Tourists

Germany: Sim Card for Tourists

You’re ready to embark on that fantastic trip to Germany that you’ve been looking forward to for a long time. You’ve purchased your tickets, reserved your lodging, packed your belongings, and are ready to depart. But not so quickly! There’s a good chance you’ve overlooked a few details, such as selecting the best phone plan for your vacation. In this article, we will be talking about Sim Card for Tourists in Germany.

If you use your American plan while vacationing in Germany, you will rack up euros due to roaming charges. To avoid being surprised by a large phone bill when you return home, we recommend purchasing a German SIM Card during your stay so you can call and surf like a native.

Germany-Simcard for Tourists
Germany-Simcard for Tourists

Top Sim Cards for tourists in Germany

In Germany, buying and using SIM cards is still rather simple, although it has unfortunately become significantly more difficult. Germany passed an anti-terrorism law in July 2017 that requires all pre-paid SIM cards to have an address and identification. However, don’t be concerned. You don’t need to be a European Union citizen; your passport and the address of your hotel or hostel should suffice.

There are several pre-paid SIM Card options available from O2, Telekom, and Vodafone, as well as resellers who use their networks at lower pricing, so you’ll have plenty of options. Here are the two greatest affordable travel bargains we recommend:

1. Aldi Talk price ranges from €7.99 to €17.99, depending on the plan

In Germany, Aldi Talk offers the greatest bargain on pre-paid SIM cards. They have a variety of options, the least of which is Paket S, which costs €7.99 for four weeks and includes 3 GB of data as well as unlimited calling and SMS. A second option, Paket M, costs €12.99 for 4 weeks and includes 6 GB of data, unlimited calls, and unlimited SMS. You may also buy just internet access, with the cheapest plan costing €3.99 for four weeks (Internet-Flatrate S, 1 GB data).

If you’re going to another European Union country, the Paket L rate is definitely the best option. For €17.99 for four weeks, you receive 12 GB of data and unlimited calls and messages, as well as EU roaming. Aldi Talk is also available at Aldi discount food stores, which are widely distributed across the country. You can either top it up online or at Aldi by purchasing a recharge coupon.

2. M. Blau Surf €9.99 for 4 weeks if purchased in advance

Blau Surf M is also a fantastic choice for visitors. For four weeks, this plan includes 3 GB of LTE data. Within Germany, calls and SMS cost 9 cents per minute/per text, with EU roaming included. This pre-paid plan comes with a €10 starting credit that you can easily top up online.

If at all feasible, try ordering your SIM card in advance and having it sent to your lodgings after passing the ID check online. If you decide to wait until you arrive, make sure you have your passport and proof of address on hand in case you need to purchase a card on the spot.


Formerly known as T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom (formerly known as Telekom) continues to offer the finest coverage in Germany, but it is also the most expensive. If you want to stay in major cities such as Berlin or Munich, you can easily avoid the higher Telekom charges, but if you plan to travel to rural areas, you may want to consider their plans to ensure you have the coverage you require. Telekom also has the fastest network and offers roaming throughout the EU cost around 9.95 EUR-10 EUR. Congstar, ja!mobil, Penny Mobil, and Lebara Mobil are among the resellers.


When it comes to price, coverage, and speed, Vodafone is right in the middle.  It costs around 20 EUR-4,99 EUR depending upon the number of days required. Although roaming within the EU is included, reception in rural areas can be poor. LIDL Connect, Otelo, and Lycamobile are some of the Vodafone resellers.


O2 is Germany’s cheapest provider, and its service has vastly improved after it acquired the E-Plus Network cost between 9.99 EUR-69.99 EUR. Except in rural areas, they have excellent coverage and are the only network with a reception on the Berlin U-Bahn train system, which is a significant advantage if you plan on spending a lot of time in the capital. Roaming within the EU is included. All O2 prepaid tourist sim cards are good for 4 weeks after which they may be topped off online. Aldi Talk and Blau, as well as Ortel Mobile and Ay Yildiz, are among the resellers we recommend.

Operators and their programs- Currently Running

In Germany, there are several ways to activate SIM cards:

    • Use a video verification technique to present your ID (passport) online.
    • Go to a mobile (Handy) phone shop or an electronics store right away (Saturn, MediaMarkt)
    • Purchase a SIM card from one of Germany’s three major telecommunications companies: O2,        Vodafone, or Telekom.
    • Visit any German post office with a printed “Post Ident” document (Again, to do this, you need your passport and a valid German address.)

Prepaid SIM cards from resellers are more cost-effective than SIM cards and contracts purchased directly from network providers. In Germany getting a sim card for tourists is not a tough task. You can get a sim card if you have the correct information about their plans.

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