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Health Insurance for International Employees in Germany

Health Insurance for International Employees in Germany

When in Germany, it’s crucial to ensure you have proper health insurance to avoid long-term medical bill concerns. The country values its healthcare system, attracting foreign workers with competitive wages, international-standard working conditions, and diverse career opportunities. Adequate health coverage also safeguards you from work-related accidents or personal emergencies. In this article, we will get to know about Health Insurance for International Employees in Germany.

Does Working in Germany Require Healthcare Insurance?

    • It is mandatory for all workers in Germany, regardless of their situation.
    • Germany boasts one of the world’s top healthcare systems, making German health insurance a valuable investment.
    • Foreign employees are automatically eligible for public health insurance, with the option to switch to private insurance if their salary exceeds €66,600 annually (as of 2023).
    • To obtain a visa as a foreign worker, you must have private health insurance; public insurance can be applied for after arrival and establishing a German address.
    • Feather Insurance offers an online calculator to help you compare rates and coverage options when applying for public health insurance in Germany.

Is it better to opt for public or private health insurance?

    • Although Germany’s mandatory public healthcare insurance covers most medical needs, many employees opt for supplementary private healthcare insurance.
    • Private health insurance plans often offer affordable pricing and a wide range of essential services.
    • DR-WALTER’s plans are recommended as a suitable complement to public insurance for those undecided about a private health insurance provider.
    • No one in Germany is obligated to choose a specific insurance company; individuals can select their preferred carrier.
    • International employees can explore multiple providers, compare their plans, services, and costs, and make an informed choice.

What benefits are included for foreign workers?

    • Costs of Prescription Drugs, Inpatient Hospital Care, Outpatient Hospital Care
    • medical examinations
    • mental health rehabilitation services
    • Primary Dental Care
    • Ambulatory Pregnancy Assistance

 The advantages 

    • Expensive private insurance plans cover extra hospital services and dental check-ups.
    • Unlike public insurance, you need to ask your private insurer if they cover pregnancy.

Does it cover my family?

    • Public healthcare insurance offers family premiums, covering all family members under one payment.
    • In cases where both partners work and contribute, children can get free coverage.
    • Private healthcare insurance usually requires separate payments for each family member.

Healthcare insurance for International employees

    • EU and EEA citizens may use their existing health insurance from their home countries in Germany.
    • Germany has social insurance agreements with EU and EEA member states, allowing for current health insurance plans to be valid.
    • If you plan to reside and work in Germany for an extended duration, registration with a German public or private provider is mandatory.

In conclusion, it is mandatory for international employees in Germany, offering both public and private options. Choosing the right plan is crucial, with the flexibility to pick the best provider. Prioritizing health coverage is essential for financial security while working in Germany.

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