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How to Activate a Sim card in Germany?

How to Activate a Sim card in Germany?

Sim card is vital nowadays. This enables you to contact your family and inform them that you are safe. This communication is more important when you are in a foreign land, away from your family. In a foreign land, your priority is to get and activate a sim card. While discussing Germany, there are two types of sim cards available, Postpaid and Prepaid. It depends on the choice of person either they want to bind themself in a contract for two years with a postpaid sim card or they want to be flexible with a prepaid sim card.

How To activate a sim card in germany
How To activate a sim card in Germany

Best Sim Cards In Germany students

You can get a sim card in Germany online. To get a sim card in Berlin you can visit any resellers. The Major options available are:

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    • LIDL Connect

LIDL connect is a prepaid service offered by German supermarket giant LIDL. They use Vodafone lines to provide the LTE internet speed.

    • ALDI Talk

ALDI Talk is much similar to LIDL Connect in terms of services. Chiefly the difference is between the service provider and network. ALDI Talk uses the O2 network to provide services to its users.

Only LEBARA offers customer service and a website in English in Germany. LEBARA utilizes the telephone lines of Telefonica.

    •  SIMon Mobile

SIMon Mobile is a new sub-brand from Vodafone. This chiefly aims to compete with prepaid service providers. This offers a post-paid contract, although you can cancel the contract at any time. Due to this, you feel the same flexibility as you feel with prepaid once.

Operators and their programs- Currently Running

Activation of Sim Card

As you have a sim card in your hand. You now need to activate the card and for this purpose, there are three ways:

    • Activation in the Store of Provider

This is the most common way of activating a sim card. This option is good for the brands that facilitate you with physical stores. As a matter of fact, employees working here speak English, hence this mode is more suitable for non-German speakers.

    • Activation by Video identification

It is the standard way of registration. One must purchase a sim card from any sales point and check the ID through a video connection. One should have to keep his ID and address ready. Lastly, a fast internet connection is needed.

    • Activation in Post office

This type of registration is suitable for passports that are not accepted online. One has to search for the nearest post office, that’s capable of doing this. For this type of activation, a passport is needed.

Unlimited Data Plans in Germany:

    • O2 is the cheapest provider offering unlimited data plans starting at €29.99 per month.
    • Telekom and O2 are the only providers that offer unlimited data plans in Germany.
    • Unlimited data plans are not common in Germany, and most providers offer high-speed allowances of a few gigabytes depending on the plan.

And the price range for unlimited data plans in Germany:

Price Range for Unlimited Data Plans in Germany:

    • As of September 2023, the price range for unlimited data plans in Germany is between €29.99 and €84.95 per month.
    • O2 offers the cheapest unlimited data plan starting at €29.99 per month.
    • Telekom and O2 are the only providers that offer unlimited data plans in Germany.
    • The cost of data plans in Germany varies depending on the provider, plan type, and data allowance. Prepaid SIM cards for Germany can cost between $10 and $100, depending on the data plan and provider.
    • Some providers offer special deals for students or young people.
    • It is recommended to compare different providers and plans to find the best deal that fits your needs and budget.

Activating a sim card in Germany is a simple process. You just need to be ready with valid ID proof and a valid address. While buying a sim card you need to be clear about your requirements. A clear view of requirements will help you choose the best services for you.

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