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How To Open Blocked Account With RemitX: Everything you need to know

How To Open Blocked Account With RemitX: Everything you need to know

If you are an aspirant trying to study in Germany, you have to open a blocked account. This is to ensure the German Government that you have sufficient funds to fulfill your living expenses while studying. To start your visa application process you will need the same. The Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany has approved Remitx as the provider, so the home ground Embassy you are applying from will also approve.

What is the need for a blocked account?

As a non-European student, one must have a blocked account in a German Government-authorized bank to apply for a visa. This provides reliability that the students are capable of funding their living expenses. The current amount to validate your visa application needs a monthly allowance of 863.00 euros for the first academic year. Hence a total of 10,356.00 euros. The convenient way to opt for this procedure is to have a blocked account, where the minimum amount to open is 11,208 euros per annum which is 934 euros a month. One time set-up fee for RemitX is 89 euros.

Why will a student choose RemitX?

As a student, your personal opinions matter the most when selecting a bank account. But remember to clarify the pros and cons of the bank you are choosing. The most important factor is that RemitX has been authorized by The Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. One of the other advantages includes the online facilities while opening an account with RemitX.

Step-by-step procedure to open a blocked account with RemitX

Step 1: Visit the RemitX website and click on the “OPEN BLOCKED ACCOUNT” button.

Step 2: Click on the “PROCEED” button after filling up the necessary details.

Step 3: Download the account confirmation receipt.

Step 4: Follow the minimum criteria and fund the blocked amount.

Step 5: Now, you will receive another confirmation regarding the blocked amount.

Step 6: Apply for your Visa. Do not forget to update your visa status in the portal.

Step 7: After arrival in Germany, start the activation procedures.

Important Documents – Address proof on Home ground, Passport copy (front and back), PAN card copy, University letter, and Recent passport size photo.

How to activate your German-blocked account with RemitX?

Once you reach Germany, activate your account on a priority basis, by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Visit your nearest RemitX branch and validate KYC documents.

Step 2: Bank will unblock your account after they verify your KYC.

Remember your account will only be activated when you arrive in Germany. Now you can enjoy your study tenure in Germany at your expense with full online facilities of operationalizing a blocked account with RemitX. 


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