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Opportunity card : German Minister unveils for foreign skilled labor.

Opportunity card: German Minister Unveils for foreign skilled labour.

The German Ministry of Labour is drafting a new immigration law that will be presented to the government this fall. The law is aiming to attract more talented foreign employees to the country. The Minister of Labor, Hubertus Heil, on Sunday, revealed that the Ministry intends to develop an “opportunity card” with a points-based system to assist the country in reducing labour shortages.               

Understanding Opportunity Card in Germany

  1. What is Opportunity Card in Germany mean?

The law establishing the Germany Opportunity Card for Job Seekers was passed by the German Parliament last week in June 2023. For one year, non-Europeans can enter Germany without a job offer for a new type of work visa. The phrase “Green Card” or “Chancenkarte” are other names for it. It is comparable to the Germany Job Seeker Visa but allows for longer stays.

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  2. Advantages of Opportunity Card in Germany

    • The system is point-based.
    • Only 6 points are required.
    • On an opportunity card, you may stay for a year.
    • A six-month stay is allowed with a German job seeker visa.
    • You are allowed to work part-time jobs with this card, and you are even permitted to work in Germany during the job-seeking period.

  3. The German Opportunity Card’s point-based system

    • 14 total points
    • Minimum Points: 6
    • The German Opportunity Card is essentially available to those who meet the requirements and score at least 6 out of a possible 14.
    • The same as in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, this system is based on points. but simpler.
    • Academic Credentials (Degree): Holding a university degree (Up to 6 points).
    • Experience: Maximum of 3 points based on age, Under 35 years old: 2 points, Between 35 and 40 years old: 1 point.
    • English Language: Maximum of 3 points if you speak German
    • Previous Residences in Germany: 1 point if you have lived in Germany for at least six months.
    • Spouse Qualification: 1 point if your spouse also qualifies for an opportunity card


You must meet the following requirements in order to qualify:

    • It is for non-Europeans to use this opportunity card.
    • Obtain a minimum of 6 points.
    • You must be clean of any criminal history.
    • You must have enough money to cover your expenses while you are in Germany.
    • You must submit an application via the German Embassy.


The points system will have four requirements. However, everyone who meets three of them will receive a card:

    • A foreign degree
    • Professional experience of at least three years
    • Language skills or a previous stay in Germany
    • 35 years old or younger

The process for Opportunity card

As a result, we hope and anticipate that this new work visa will be made available by 2024 as soon as the German government has approved it. Consequently, You must be applied for it at a German embassy or consulate in your place of residence.

Application Options

Option 1: Applicants with qualifications fully recognized in Germany or those who obtained their degree or qualification in Germany can apply directly for a residence permit for jobseekers under Section 20 of the Residence Act. This permit allows for an extended job search period of 18 months and the ability to work part-time without restrictions.

Option 2: Applicants who score at least six points in the points system and meet the following requirements:

    • Successful completion of vocational or academic training recognized by the respective country.
    • Vocational training must have been at least two years long.
    • Points are awarded based on age, professional experience, language proficiency, recognition of qualifications in Germany, and other factors.

Validity and Employment

The opportunity card is valid for up to one year, during which the holder must be able to sustain themselves. Holders can work up to 20 hours a week in secondary employment or participate in work trials. If the holder secures suitable employment but cannot obtain another resident title, they may renew the card for an additional two years.

In conclusion, the new work visa and Opportunity Card in Germany offer promising prospects for employment. Factors such as academic credentials, experience, language proficiency, previous residence, and spousal qualification determine eligibility. Anticipated availability in 2024 aims to facilitate international employment and attract skilled professionals.

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