Robert Schumann University, Düsseldorf

Robert Schumann University, Düsseldorf

Nestled in the heart of Düsseldorf, Germany, Robert Schumann University, Düsseldorf stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering a diverse range of courses coupled with ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. From its esteemed rankings to vibrant campus life, this article delves into the university’s offerings, scholarship options, internships, job prospects, accommodation facilities, and local attractions.

Courses Offered:

Robert Schumann University boasts a wide array of courses across various disciplines including:

  1. Business Administration
  2. Computer Science
  3. Law
  4. Medicine
  5. Engineering
  6. Social Sciences
  7. Humanities
  8. Natural Sciences


  • QS World University Rankings: 401-500
  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings: Not ranked
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU): Not ranked

Fees Structure:

The tuition fees vary depending on the course and nationality. On average, international students can expect to pay between €6,000 to €10,000 per year for undergraduate programs, and €7,000 to €15,000 per year for postgraduate programs.

Scholarship Options:

Robert Schumann University offers various scholarships to international and domestic students, including merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and research grants. Some notable scholarships include:

  • Robert Schumann Scholarship for Excellence
  • DAAD Scholarships
  • Erasmus+ Scholarships
  • Deutschland Stipendium

Internships Opportunities:

Düsseldorf is a bustling economic hub, offering numerous internship opportunities in industries such as finance, technology, marketing, and engineering. Internship roles commonly available include:

  • Marketing Assistant
  • Software Developer Intern
  • Business Analyst Intern
  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Research Assistant

Jobs Near Robert Schumann University, Düsseldorf:

Upon graduation, students have access to a vibrant job market in Düsseldorf and its surrounding areas. Common job roles include:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Legal Advisor
  • Marketing Manager

Accommodation Facilities:

Robert Schumann University provides various accommodation options including on-campus dormitories and off-campus apartments. The cost of accommodation ranges from €300 to €600 per month, depending on the type and location.

Top Places to Visit Near Robert Schumann University, Düsseldorf:

Düsseldorf offers a rich cultural experience with numerous attractions such as:

Benrath Palace
  • Rhine Tower: Iconic landmark offering panoramic views of the city.
  • Altstadt (Old Town): Quaint streets lined with historic buildings, cafes, and breweries.
  • Königsallee: Famous shopping boulevard renowned for its luxury boutiques.
  • Benrath Palace: Magnificent Baroque palace surrounded by picturesque gardens.
  • MediaHarbour: Modern architectural marvels, trendy restaurants, and bars.

Famous Foods Near Robert Schumann University, Düsseldorf:

Himmel un Ääd

Indulge in the culinary delights of Düsseldorf with these must-try dishes:

  • Rheinischer Sauerbraten: Marinated pot roast served with red cabbage and potato dumplings.
  • Currywurst: Grilled sausage topped with curry ketchup and curry powder.
  • Düsseldorfer Senfrostbraten: Roast beef with a tangy mustard crust.
  • Himmel un Ääd: Traditional dish consisting of mashed potatoes, applesauce, and blood sausage.
  • Altbier: Local beer brewed in Düsseldorf’s historic breweries.


In conclusion, Robert Schumann University, Düsseldorf, offers a holistic educational experience enriched with academic rigor, ample opportunities for personal development, and a vibrant student life. With its esteemed reputation, diverse courses, and thriving city environment, it stands as an ideal destination for aspiring scholars seeking excellence in higher education.

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