Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences

Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences

The Hochschule Ruhr West – University of Applied Sciences, or HRW for short, is a new university that was recently established in Mülheim a der Ruhr, Germany. The university includes eight buildings totalling roughly 62,000 m2 GFA, giving it the size of an autonomous district. On the site of an old railroad in the Broich neighbourhood, four institution buildings, a canteen, a lecture hall, a library, and a multi-story parking garage have been constructed.

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About University

Ruhr West Institution of Applied Sciences provides top-tier bachelor’s and master’s programs in business administration, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and natural sciences. These programs prioritize practicality and real-world skills, enabling students to partner with local industries for hands-on experience. Located in the Ruhr area, a key global industrial hub, with modern campuses in Mülheim a der Ruhr and Bottrop.

Overall Ranking

The university has a world rank of 8320 out of 14,131 Web ranking metrics placing 1947 out of 2,785 In Europe, 290 out of 369 In Germany, and 50 out of 64 In the Rhineland-Palatinate.

Courses Offered

Bachelor in Applied Computer Science
Bachelor in Business Informatics
Bachelor in Automobile Electronics and Electromobility
Bachelor in Business Administration – Energy and Water Management
Bachelor in E-Commerce
Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Bachelor in Civil Engineering
Bachelor in Health and Medical Technologies
Bachelor in Human-Technology Interaction
Bachelor in Industrial Construction Engineering
Bachelor in Industrial Engineering – Energy Systems
Bachelor in International Economics – Emerging Markets
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Women’S Degree Course)
Bachelor in Mechatronics
Bachelor in Safety Engineering
Master in Business Administration – Asia Management
Master in Civil Engineering
Master in Computer Science
Master in Industrial Engineering – Energy Systems
Master in Mba Global Management / Hr
Master in Musicology
Master in Systems Engineering
Master in Technical Production Management

Scholarship and Financial Aid

No information about this is given on University’s portal. In case of any update, data will be updated here as well.

Internships near Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences

    • More than 2,600 students from across Germany
    • Focus on high-quality, practical teaching and research
    • State-of-the-art labs and equipment
    • Strong regional connections and global perspective
    • Emphasis on student support and multidisciplinary education
    • Teaching essential soft skills
    • Comprehensive workforce preparation
    • Well-structured, practice-oriented degree programs
    • Culminating internship semester for effective studies

Jobs Near University

No information about this is given on University’s portal. In case of any update, data will be updated here as well.

Housing and Accommodation

    • Ruhr region: Germany’s largest metropolitan area, prominent industrial zone
    • Population: Over 5 million, Area: Approx. 5,000 sq. km
    • Comprises 53 interconnected towns and cities
    • Economic strength from diverse medium-sized businesses
    • Historical coal mining legacy in the 19th and 20th centuries
    • The transition from coal and steel to new industries
    • Former steelworks and mines repurposed as parks, design hubs, galleries
    • Ruhr region was designated the 2010 European Capital of Culture
    • Green and lush environment, outdoor recreation opportunities
    • Mülheim and Bottrop, among greenest cities in the region
    • Nearby attractions: ‘Alpincenter’ indoor skiing slope, Europe’s tallest wind turbine for skydiving
    • Movie Park Germany is, a film-themed amusement park located in Bottrop.

Cost of Living

    • Zero tuition fees
    • Student Service Fee: €323,38 each semester, which includes a valid NRW-only public transport pass.
    • Student exchange program at Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences, Germany in summer 2023
    • Ruhr West offers 33 approved Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in engineering and business administration
    • Opportunity to explore beyond academics in Germany, Europe, and the Ruhr-Region
    • The rich cultural scene with museums, theatres, movies, bars, and clubs
    • The abundance of parks and green spaces for leisure activities and walks
    • Encouragement for Telkom University students to apply for Ruhr West Summer Exchange 2023

Requirements for language proficiency

    • German is the primary language of instruction at Ruhr West
    • Proficiency in German is required for enrollment at HRW
    • Overseas exchange students may take a full semester of English-language courses in their field
    • English classes are part of the regular curriculum for both domestic and international students
    • The precise level of German proficiency is not mandatory, but basic knowledge recommended
    • Enrolling in a German language course is advised for international students
    • Minimum English proficiency level: B1 to B2 (intermediate).

Places to visit near University 

    • House Ruhr nature
    • Aquarius Water Museum
    • MüGa – Mülheim an der Ruhr garden
    • Leather and leather tanning museum

In conclusion, Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences offers a diverse range of practical degree programs in the heart of Germany’s industrial hub. With a focus on real-world experience and comprehensive student support, Ruhr West provides a platform for academic growth and cultural exploration, making it an excellent choice for students seeking quality education and international exposure.

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