catholic university of eichstätt-ingolstadt master tuition fee

Catholic University of eichstätt-ingolstadt master tuition fee- The University is ranked 1783 of 14178 in the World; 609 of 2794 in Europe; 73 of 372 in Germany, 12 of 45 in Bavaria, and 1st in Eichstatt (as per the current ranking status). The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt was established in April 1980 and is located in southern Germany, the heart of Bavaria. This university is the first and only Catholic university in Germany. The Catholic University is known for its discipline and its excellent teaching perspective. For more than 40 years the KU has lived as a state-recognized university. It is open to students of all religions and beliefs. The university provides a family atmosphere, personal support, interdisciplinary courses, and excellent equipment to its students.

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