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Top 10 Universities for Computer Science in Germany

Top 10 Universities for Computer Science in Germany

Germany, a top publishing country, is a sought-after study destination for students worldwide. Its leading computer science colleges rank among the best globally. Computer science is a highly popular subject in Germany, with strong employment prospects. The country’s high-quality education, cultural diversity, and essentially free public education make it an appealing choice for foreign students. Germany’s dynamic environment and luxurious lifestyle, with charming streets, affordable recreation, galleries, and museums, contribute to its well-deserved reputation.

Salary earned by Computer Science scholar in Germany

Both the lowest and highest monthly salaries for computer scientists in Germany stand at 2,620 and 9,070 euros, respectively. This significant gap underscores the importance of considering factors such as experience and location when evaluating job offers.

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Top Universities for Computer Science in Germany

   1. Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich- TUM

The Computer Science Faculty at the Technical University of Munich is one of Germany’s largest, with over 5,400 students. It consistently ranks as the top computer science faculty in Germany. The faculty covers Software Engineering, Scientific Computing, Knowledge-Based Systems, and Robotics. Additionally, the university offers master’s degree programs in areas such as automotive software engineering, biomedical computing, computational science and engineering, robotics and cognitive systems, data engineering and analytics, and informatics: games engineering.

   2. RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is located in Aachen, this university is renowned for its academic excellence and global recognition. It boasts high graduate numbers and exceptional employability, attracting 10,455 international students from 125 countries. With a student enrollment of 45,256 in the 2018/2019 academic year, the university fosters a vibrant and innovative culture while promoting a respectful and collaborative workplace. Moreover, the Computer Science program is particularly notable among its diverse range of courses.

   3. Technical University of Berlin

Among the study programs available at this university, Computer Science is one of them. The Technical University of Berlin is one of Germany’s largest universities, offering over 130 courses to its 35,000 students and housing 40 institutes. It emphasizes internationalization through strategic alliances with top universities abroad, and approximately 23% of its student body represents over 130 nations. The university excels in research and instruction across all areas of study, not just computer science.

   4. Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyLogo of Karlsruhe University of Education

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology places a high priority on producing and disseminating knowledge for society and the environment. Moreover, it excels in various fields, including natural sciences, engineering, economics, humanities, and social sciences. Notably, it stands out in domains such as energy, transportation, and information. By enrolling in research-based study programs, students are better equipped to assume leadership roles in business, government, and academia. Additionally, the value of each student’s accomplishments is assessed individually, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

5. University of Freiburg

The University of Freiburg, established in 1457, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the most significant fields of study today, including the humanities, the scientific and engineering sciences, law, theology, and medicine. This university’s excellence, global interchange, and open-mindedness attract over 24,000 students from all over the world who enroll in the 180-degree programs offered by its 11 faculties. This university and its students excel in their coursework and on the job market thanks in large part to their curiosity. Furthermore, the University of Freiburg respects diversity while providing equal opportunities to all students.

   6. LMU Munich

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

One of Europe’s top universities and center’s for research is Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. Since its initial founding in 1472, it has grown to be a popular study destination for students from all around the world, including those from other countries. Famous academics and gifted students from all over the world have found inspiration at this university. This university aims for excellence in each of its academic disciplines to build a brighter future. Of its 50,000 pupils, 15% come from nations other than Germany. While collaborating with numerous partner universities outside of Europe, it has a history as one of the finest universities in Europe.

7. Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University is a globally focused research and educational institution that covers a wide range of academic specialties, emphasizing knowledge, abilities, and impartiality. Although not all faculties, including mathematics and computer science, are outstanding, the university is renowned for its other faculties, such as arts, theology, biosciences, physics, and astronomy. Moreover, these faculties have earned recognition for their exceptional contributions to academia and research. It provides a relaxing teaching and learning atmosphere, making it one of the best universities in Germany in terms of student comfort, academic success, and knowledge.

8. Technical University of Darmstadt

Established in 1877, the Technical University of Darmstadt has a tradition of innovation and success. It is highly regarded for its effectiveness in research, teaching, and transfer, with a focus on improving society. It is considered one of the best technical universities in Germany and has a strong international reputation. Furthermore, the university prioritizes engineering, natural sciences, arts, and social sciences. Additionally, its computer science undergraduate programs emphasize practical application and addressing current digital challenges.

9. Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

With a mission to utilize knowledge for a better world, the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg was established in 1743 and currently enlists around 40,000 students across its campuses in Erlangen, Nuremberg, and Fürth. In 1966, it achieved a milestone by merging a classical university with a technical university, establishing the Faculty of Engineering, which is globally renowned today. Moreover, the engineering faculty, comprised of five departments, including the Department of Computer Science, covers both fundamental and technology-related subjects.

10. University of Bonn

University of Bonn

The University of Bonn, established 200 years ago, is a cutting-edge research institution that offers a wide range of courses and represents top-tier science globally. It enlists 35,000 students, including 5,000 from other countries. With 6,000 doctoral students and approximately 200 different courses and degrees, the university fosters transdisciplinary research centers to seek solutions for societal and scientific problems.


Renowned for their excellence in education and research, the top 10 universities of Computer Science in Germany offer prestigious opportunities. Graduates can secure job prospects at tech firms in Germany or abroad. Moreover, Germany, as the largest economy in Europe and the third largest in the world, is an ideal destination for computer engineers due to its active engagement in research and development.

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