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Top 5 Universities for Media and Journalism in Germany

Top 5 Universities for Media and Journalism in Germany

About Top 5 Universities for Media and Journalism in Germany

Germany houses renowned colleges known for their exceptional programs in journalism and media. The following top 5 universities are widely recognized for their academic excellence and industry relevance in media studies, journalism, and communication. Here in this blog post we will be looking into Top 5 Universities for Media and Journalism in Germany. Now, let’s delve into these influential organizations that are shaping the future of Germany’s media professionals.

Salary of Journalist in Germany

Students studying journalism also pick up their fair share of technical abilities, such as editing, video editing, audio editing, and web design, which are very beneficial for the demands of the modern job market. The cost of a journalism degree in Germany is reasonable, and it teaches all of these things and more. A journalist can expect to make between €59,788 and €105,168 per year on average. A journalist’s greatest level of education is typically a bachelor’s degree. Based on wage survey information obtained from anonymous employees and employers in Germany, this compensation study.

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Top Universities

   1. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Germany’s top research university is Ludwig Maximilian University. The Department of Communication Studies and Media Research at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich is renowned, upholding high standards of research and instruction since its establishment in 1472. Ranked 32 globally by Times Higher Education and maintaining its position of 63 in the QS Global World Rankings 2023, the university has a total enrollment of 51,600 students across 18 faculties offering courses in German and English. While tuition is free, students with a semester workload below 5 hours per week must pay a tuition fee of 100 EUR. Additionally, housing fees range from 270 to 350 euros for university accommodation and 400 to 650 euros for private housing.

   2. University of Hamburg

The University of Hamburg, one of northern Germany’s largest institutions of higher education, had a total enrollment of 43,957 students for the winter semester of 2022-2023. Similar to other public universities in Germany, Ludwig Maximilian University does not impose tuition fees. For international students taking a leave of absence, the only expense is a semester contribution fee of 328 EUR, which can be reduced to 278 EUR for consecutive semesters on leave. The university has established a strong standing in media and journalism studies, holding a global ranking of #367 and a European ranking of #138 specifically in media studies. Within its Department of Communication and Media, various courses are available, emphasizing media theory, ethics, journalism techniques, and analysis. The university strongly emphasizes practical experience, providing internships and partnering with media companies. In summary, the University of Hamburg provides a diverse range of media-related programs and prioritizes hands-on learning opportunities for its students.

   3. Technical University Berlin Technische Universitat berlin

The institution enrolled 33,574 undergraduates for the summer and 35,470 for the winter at Technical University of Berlin, one of Germany’s top technical and research universities, founded in 1879. With approximately 28% of the university’s total student body comprising international students, TU Berlin offers a diverse educational environment. Moreover, the university provides students with a plethora of internship opportunities and comprehensive career training programs, which ultimately lead to lucrative positions in Germany. According to reports, graduates from TU Berlin earn an average annual salary of 52,000 EUR (equivalent to approximately 46.42 lakhs INR).

   4. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Johannes Gutenberg University

German public university Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU), formerly known as the University of Mainz. The JGU is renowned for its eclectic culture and is home to approximately 31,000 students from over 120 different nations. The University of Mainz is a part of the German U15, a network of the best comprehensive, research-focused universities in Germany that welcomes many international students to its campuses. The university does not charge an application fee or tuition, but overseas students must pay a 60 EUR international recognition fee in addition to additional costs associated with studying in Germany. For Media Studies the university ranked #123 in Europe and #345 in the World. International applicants are not required to pay any tuition fees; they only need to cover their living expenses while studying in Germany. The average salary at the university is 45,000 EUR.

   5. University of Leipzig

The University of Leipzig, established in 1409, is one of Germany’s oldest universities and a member of the German U15 network. It currently has around 30,000 enrolled students, with over 7,000 applicants each year. For international students at the University of Leipzig, education is affordable with exemption from tuition fees. They only need to pay a semester charge of €193.5, covering public transportation expenses. The overall cost of living and studying in Germany ranges from €850 to €1300 per month. Ranked at #193 globally and #533 in Europe for media studies, the University of Leipzig enjoys a strong academic reputation. Additionally, the university provides valuable support to international students through tailored services including intercultural training workshops, seminars on applying in Germany, and lectures on the German job market.

For individuals interested in pursuing a career in media and journalism, these top 5 University in Germany provide exceptional chances. These universities offer students a comprehensive curriculum, real-world experiences, and valuable industry connections for success in the evolving media landscape. Choose the university that aligns with your interests and embark on an engaging educational journey towards a thriving media and journalism career in Germany.

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