Where to Watch and Play American Sports in Germany?

Where to Watch and Play American Sports in Germany?

Enjoying American Sports in Germany is more than just any other pastime for enthusiasts. Whether it be worldly acclaimed Soccer or the adrenaline rushing Motorsport, Germans are in for their money. This guide here shall navigate through the vibrancy of Where to Watch and Play American Sports in Germany!

Where to watch American Sports:

Sports Bars and Pubs

    • Explore local sports bars and pubs where live broadcasts of American games are featured.
    • Connecting with fellow fans, enjoying a great atmosphere, and cheering for your favorite teams are loved by Germans.

Online Streaming Platforms

    1. Discover online streaming options that bring American sports events to your screen.
    2. Stay updated with live games, commentary, and analysis from the comfort of your home.
    3. Some of the populous platforms are
          • DAZN – €24.99/yr
          • Youtube – Free
          • Hulu + Live TV – €7.23/mo
          • DirecTV Stream – €60.66/mo (includes ESPN +)
          • FuboTV – €63.95 to 91.36/mo
          • OneFootball – free

International Sports Channels

    1. Identify cable or satellite providers offering international sports channels. Some of the exciting free-to-air sport channels in Germany are-
          • Eurosport 1 Germany
          • ARD Das Erste
          • ZDF
          • Sport1
    2. Access American sports networks to ensure you never miss a thrilling moment.

Playing American Sports: actually getting into the league

Local Clubs and Leagues:

Join local clubs or leagues that cater to American sports enthusiasts. Sports Clubs such as Stuttgart Scorpions (American football), Munich Cowboys (American football), and Alba Berlin (basketball) represent different American sports and have gained popularity among German fans.

Community Events and Tournaments:

Participate in community events and tournaments that celebrate American sports. The most energetic fest loved by young and old being the “American Football Fest” held in Munich. Showcase your skills and enjoy the competitive spirit with like-minded individuals.

Recreational Facilities:

Locate recreational facilities equipped for American sports activities. recreational facility for American sports enthusiasts in Germany could be the “Stars & Stripes Sports Center” in Berlin. This facility may offer indoor basketball and volleyball courts, a baseball batting cage, and spaces for flag football and other recreational American sports.

Connecting with the Community:

Expatriate Groups:

Connect with expatriate groups focused on American sports. Do try looking out for:

          • Americans in Germany
          • International Families in Germany

Share experiences, organize events, and build a community around your passion.

Social Media Communities:

Engage in social media communities dedicated to American sports enthusiasts in Germany. Social Media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Reddit are top sources to keep a lookout and stay informed about upcoming events, share insights, and connect with fellow fans.

Whether you’re a fan seeking the thrill of a live game or an enthusiast eager to play, American sports have found a home in Germany. From buzzing sports bars to community leagues, there are endless opportunities to embrace the excitement. Explore, connect, and immerse yourself in the world of American sports within the vibrant backdrop of Germany.

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