10 Top attractions and Things to do in Hessen Germany

Hessen capabilities an abundance of pristine nature. consisting of the Kellerwald-Edersee national Park in northern Hessen. one among Germany’s largest reservoir lakes created right here a century ago. Nature enthusiasts must additionally take into account visiting top attractions of Hessen. In this article, we will see 10 Top attractions and Things to do in Hessen Germany.


About state of Hessen

Hessen Germany offers a big scenic diversity. discover medieval towns, health spas, rolling hills, and experience a huge variety of entertainment activities. Hessen is well known  because of Europe’s financial city Frankfurt. and Germany’s biggest airport Rhein-main.

1) History-

    • The people of Hessen are commonly purported to be descended from the Frankish .
    • In 1130 the region of Hessen was joined to the landgraviate of Thuringia. In 1247 Henry Raspe, the ultimate landgrave of Thuringia, died. and his niece, Sophia, received Hessen.
    • For the following centuries the landgraves of Hessen improved their territory.
    • Hessen turned into two times partitioned inside the 15th century. but Philip the Magnanimous, landgrave from 1509 to 1567 and Hessen’s greatest ruler, reunited the territory.
    • In 1945 most of the Hessen territories and part of antique Nassau have been merged. To form the state of greater Hessen (Gross-Hessen), later known as actually Hessen.

2) Geography-



Hesse is located in west-central Germany. With borders the German states of lower Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the greenest state in Germany, as forest covers 42% of the state.

3) Population-

Hesse has a population of over 6 million. almost four million of which is focused in the Rhein-major location (German: Rhein-predominant Gebiet).  Inside the south of the state, a place that includes the most populous city. which is Frankfurt am main, the capital Wiesbaden, and Darmstadt and Offenbach.

4) Economy-

Hessen does not just have a robust and booming service area. In addition, its economic pressure is likewise generated via the automotive and supply industry. And mechanical and industrial engineering. Also the metal and electric enterprise, the chemical and pharmaceutical area. And  biotechnology, medical technology, the mobility and logistics zone.

5) Education-

University in Hessen

Hessen has 14 state institutions of higher education comprising six universities. In addition, three artwork academies and five universities of applied sciences. All of the listed colleges are open to undergraduate and graduate college students . All the colleges are very famous and top rated.

Major cities in state of Hessen

Its capital city is Wiesbaden, and the largest urban area is Frankfurt. Which is also the country’s essential monetary centre. other essential historical cities are Darmstadt and Kassel.  Other beautiful cities that can attract you are- Bad Homburg, Fulda, Hanau, Marburg.


10 Top attractions in state of Hessen in Germany


Frankfurt is called a prime European financial hub. Especially in view that it is home to the European vital bank. In addition, it’s also a remarkable vacation spot for culture, schooling, tourism and transportation. The city offers traffic an thrilling blend of architecture, with medieval half of-timbered houses backed by towering glass skyscrapers.


Marburg is a metropolis placed north of Frankfurt . In our opinion, is one of the maximum charming locations to see in Hesse. Due to its appropriate antique architecture that makes you feel like you’re strolling around in a fairytale.
The main purpose Marburg feels so captivating is that it suffered little or no harm throughout WWII.


  • The entire name of this town is Limburg an der Lahn.  Since it’s located on each aspects of the Lahn River about eighty kilometres northwest of Frankfurt.
  • The Limburger Dom (Limburg Cathedral) dominates the town, sitting on a rock above the vintage city . (with the river on the other facet) and is immediately recognisable through its painted exterior with seven spires.


  • Kassel is a cute town positioned on the Fulda River. Which is known for holding both the primary German observatory and the primary permanent German theatre constructing.
  • Although, these days the first permanent theatre building in Germany homes the natural history Museum. Which is still worth a visit.


  • Fulda is really an impressive city with lovely architecture, specifically the Fulda Cathedral .This church isn’t only best among well known landmark of the town.
  • However it’s also the extreme important Baroque church within the nation of Hesse. This must be in your list because this is one of the top attraction of Hessen.


  • Heppenheim is a citymost famous because the birthplace of 4-time method One international Champion Sebastian Vettel.  But it’s additionally one of the cutest locations to visit in Hesse.
  • The old city of Heppenheim carries many preserved wooden-framed homes. Such as the fantastic city corridor in which the timber beams are painted red and a fancy clock tower rises above.

7.Schloss Braunfels

Schloss Braunfels is a beautiful medieval castle . And one of the most famous Hesse traveller attractions. at least for those who love travelling magical castles.


Hanau is one of the exceptional things to look in Hesse in case you’re into fairytales. as it was the birthplace of Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. Who famously gathered many folk tales that have turn out to be known as the tales of the Brothers Grimm. This is one of the top attraction of Hessen, you must visit.


    • While plenty of Hesse incorporates lovely Baroque architecture. The city of Darmstadt is specific in its series of artwork nouveau buildings inside the Mathildenhöhe district.
    • This location is a UNESCO world heritage.  This is also one of the top attraction in Hessen, you must visit.


Wiesbaden(capital city)
    • One of the most charming Hesse places to go to is the city of Wiesbaden. which incorporates multiple lovely buildings and sights . Which include the red, neo-Gothic market Church , that is the tallest building in the town.
    • Wiesbaden is the capital of the state of Hesse. In addition it is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe.

Local dishes to eat in Hessen-

1.Green sauce-   


You can find the herbs used in this sauce packaged together and kitchen-ready in the Frankfurter region in Germany.

2.Frankfurter Würstchen –

A tasty, long, and thin  sausage made from pork that has a delicious flavor and a hint of smokiness.

3.Frankfurter Rindswurst ­-

It is a sausage made of pure beef meat.

4.Potato (Kartoffeln)-

Used in salads, soups, in cream, mixed with apples (Himmel und Erde).  And at the same time as sausage stuffing

5.Frankfurt Crown Cake-

A round European cake that looks like a wreath, with a soft biscuit-sponge texture. It’s filled with rich buttercream and jam, and topped with caramelized nuts for extra sweetness.


In conclusion, the state of Hessen in Germany offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant cities that make it a must-visit destination.

Hessen is not only known for its picturesque landscapes but also for its economic prowess. In addition, the educational landscape of Hessen, offering a broad spectrum of academic opportunities.

Highlighting the top attractions, Hessen boasts iconic cities like Frankfurt, Marburg, Limburg, Kassel, Fulda, Heppenheim, and others. In essence, Hessen beckons travelers with a tapestry of natural wonders, cultural richness, and historical significance.

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