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Travel Everywhere in Germany with the New Egal-Wohin-Ticket for just €39,90

Now You Can Travel Everywhere in Germany with the New Egal-Wohin-Ticket for just €39,90

The GOOD NEWS is that this summer’s railway sale is still going strong with a new ticket that costs just €39,90 to go anywhere in Germany. Although the 9-euro ticket may now represent a significant saving on Germany’s public transportation, it isn’t necessarily the most practical choice for longer journeys.


Railway transport throughout Germany costs €39,90

The “Egal-Wohin-Ticket” (No-Matter-Where-Ticket), which allows the bearer to plan a single journey anywhere within German borders for only €39,90, was developed by Deutsche Bahn in collaboration with the German grocery chain Edeka. It is also valid on both regional trains and long-distance trains including ICEs, ICs, and ECs, unlike the 9-euro ticket.

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Even better, the ticket is appropriate for family-friendly trips. Since, as long as the number of children traveling is specified at the time of booking. Children between the ages of 6 and 14 travel free when accompanied by an adult. The first six years of a child’s life are always free.

Redeemed the Ticket on the Deutsche Bahn Website

The biggest disadvantage of the ticket is booking, though. The Egal-Wohin-Ticket cannot be purchased at stations, through ticket machines, or on a mobile device using the DB app, in contrast to regular tickets. Instead, obtaining the transaction entails a more difficult procedure.

To begin, you must purchase a voucher at the gift card counter at an Edeka store with an eight-digit booking number (or other shops in the same network, including Marktkauf, BUDNI, Nah & gut, or trinkgut). The next step is to use this code to purchase a ticket of your choosing on the Deutsche Bahn website. There is a five-ticket maximum per individual.

Train reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance using the codes, which are valid until June 30, 2023. You have until December 9, 2023, so you have plenty of time to start arranging a major vacation to the beautiful cities of Germany!

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