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Ausbildung in English: Everything you need to know

Ausbildung in English: Everything you need to know

Ausbildung in English, also known as vocational training or apprenticeship, is a comprehensive educational program in Germany that equips individuals with practical skills and specialized knowledge in various professions. Moreover, It offers a unique pathway for students to gain industry-specific expertise and embark on rewarding careers.

What are the available training programs and employment opportunities related to the English language?

    • English lessons now begin in elementary school, leading to new roles for individuals in English education.
    • Aspiring English teachers are required to pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the field.
    • A traineeship at a school is a necessary step in their journey towards becoming teachers.
    • Spending a semester or undertaking an internship in an English-speaking country is advantageous for refining pronunciation skills.
    • English teachers assume the responsibility of imparting the language to others.
    • Enjoying working with children and young people and possessing assertiveness are important qualities for teachers in this field.

Careers involving the use of the Ausbildung in English

In this overview, we’ll look at jobs where people use their English language skills in Ausbildung. These jobs cover many different areas like healthcare, engineering, and more. Let’s explore the careers:

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tourism clerk ausbildung in english

1. Tourism Clerk

Additionally, as a tourism clerk, you are at the forefront of the vibrant and dynamic travel industry, serving as a vital link between travelers and their dream destinations.

Air Stewardess ausbildung in english

2. Air Stewardess

Air stewardesses, also known as flight attendants or cabin crew, play a vital role in ensuring the safety, comfort, and overall experience of passengers on board an aircraft.

Pilot ausbildung in germany

3. Pilot

Piloting, a dynamic and exhilarating profession, entails commanding the skies and navigating aircraft with precision and expertise.

Dual Degree in Tourism

4. Dual Degree in Tourism

Embarking on a dual degree program in tourism opens up a world of exciting opportunities for individuals passionate about the travel and hospitality industry.

Dual studies in business law

5. Dual studies in business law

Moreover, dual studies in business law offer a unique educational path that combines academic learning with practical experience, equipping individuals with a comprehensive understanding of both legal principles and business practices.

Air traffic controller

6. Air traffic controller

Air traffic controllers play a vital role in ensuring the safe and efficient movement of aircraft in the skies.

Commercial specialist

7. Commercial specialist:

A commercial specialist plays a vital role in the business world. Serving as a key link between companies and their customers.

European secretary

8. European secretary

The role of a European secretary is a dynamic and crucial position within the realm of administrative support in Europe.

Euro management assistant

9. Euro management assistant

The Euro Management Assistant program offers an exciting opportunity for individuals aspiring to excel in the dynamic field of international business

Euro clerk

10. Euro clerk

Euro clerk is a dynamic and multifaceted profession that thrives in the fast-paced world of international finance. As Euro clerks, individuals actively engage in the intricate processes of financial transactions, trading, and exchange.

Foreign languages industrial clerk

11. Foreign languages industrial clerk

The role of a Foreign Languages Industrial Clerk combines language proficiency and business acumen, making it a dynamic and sought-after profession in today’s globalized world.

Commercial Assistant- Foreign languages and correspondence

12. Commercial Assistant- Foreign languages and correspondence

The role of a Commercial Assistant with a focus on foreign languages and correspondence is a dynamic and essential position in today’s global business landscape.

Tourism and Hotel Management Assistant

Foreign language correspondent

13. Tourism and Hotel Management Assistant

As Tourism and Hotel Management assistants, individuals actively contribute to the smooth operation of hotels, resorts, and tourism establishments.

14. Foreign language correspondent

The profession of a Foreign Language Correspondent is a dynamic and crucial role in today’s interconnected world, actively bridging linguistic and cultural gaps.

Clerk for Tourism and Leisure


15. Clerk for Tourism and Leisure

The role of a Clerk for Tourism and Leisure is an exciting and multifaceted profession that actively engages with the vibrant world of travel and leisure.

Dual study of central banking

16. Dual study of central banking

Furthermore, the dual study program in Central Banking offers a unique and comprehensive educational pathway for individuals interested in the financial sector and the intricacies of monetary policy.

Dual degree in business administration- digital business management

17. Dual degree in business administration- digital business management

A dual degree in Business Administration – Digital Business Management offers a comprehensive and cutting-edge educational program that prepares individuals for the ever-evolving landscape of the digital business world.

Nautical Officer assistant

18.  Nautical Officer assistant

Nautical Officer Assistants play a crucial role in the maritime industry, actively supporting the smooth operation of vessels and ensuring the safety of maritime activities.

Patent paralegal

19. Patent paralegal

A Patent Paralegal is a crucial professional in the field of intellectual property law, actively supporting the patenting process for inventors and businesses.

Clerk for digitalization management

20. Clerk for digitalization management

Additionally, in the fast-paced world of digital transformation, the role of a Clerk for Digitalization Management emerges as a key player, actively propelling organizations towards technological advancement and streamlined operations.

IT system management clerk

21.  IT system management clerk

Moreover, the IT System Management Clerk is at the forefront of ensuring seamless and efficient IT operations within organizations, actively overseeing and maintaining critical systems and infrastructure.

Office management clerk

22. Office management clerk

Additionally, Office Management Clerks are pivotal in ensuring smooth and efficient administrative operations within organizations, actively coordinating and managing various tasks and responsibilities.


23. Translator

Furthermore, translators play a crucial role in bridging language barriers and facilitating effective communication in today’s interconnected world.

Dual Course in Robotics

24. Dual Course in Robotics

Furthermore, the Dual Course in Robotics offers a unique and dynamic educational program that combines theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, actively preparing individuals for a career at the forefront of technological innovation.

Game Programmer

25. Game Programmer

Additionally, in the exciting realm of game development, Game Programmers take center stage as active creators of immersive digital experiences.

Game Artist

26. Game Artist

Furthermore, the world of video games comes alive through the creativity and artistic talent of Game Artists, who play an active role in shaping immersive gaming experiences.

Game Producer

27. Game Producer

Moreover, the role of a Game Producer stands at the forefront of the gaming industry, actively driving the development and production of interactive digital entertainment.

Information Technology Assistant

28. Information Technology Assistant

Moreover, the role of an Information Technology Assistant is integral to the smooth functioning of modern organizations, actively supporting and maintaining crucial IT systems and infrastructure.

Where you can apply?

You can search for the courses, some of the most common websites being used are indeed.de, ausbildung.de Arbeitsagentur (Job Center),  Lehrstellenradar, Bundesagentur für Arbeit’s Ausbildung portal, etc. You can also visit the company website or page.

In conclusion, the diverse range of training programs and employment opportunities related to the English language and various industries offer individuals a plethora of choices to pursue their career aspirations. With continuous learning and adaptability, they are well-equipped to thrive and make meaningful contributions in their respective industries.

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