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Berlin-Paris Night Train to revive again

Berlin-Paris Night Train to revive again

After a hiatus of nearly a decade, the direct night train connecting the iconic capitals of Berlin and Paris is making a triumphant return. Operated by the Austrian state rail company ÖBB, this Nightjet service offers a climate-friendly travel option for enthusiasts seeking a unique rail experience. From booking your ticket to understanding the available travel options. Berlin-Paris Night Train to revive again, here’s everything you need to know about this exciting new venture.

 1) Operational Details and Ticket Booking

    • The Berlin-Paris night train is operated by ÖBB, utilizing Mannheim in Germany as a hub for its night train fleet.
    • Passengers can purchase tickets through various platforms, including SNCF, DB, and ÖBB’s user-friendly booking page. Alternative options like Rail Europe, Nachtzug, or Trainline are also available.

 2) Travel Schedule

    • The Berlin to Paris leg departs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 20:18, arriving in Paris at 10:24 the next morning.
    • The return journey from Paris to Berlin takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, leaving at 19:12 and arriving in Berlin at 8:26 the following morning.
    • Plans are underway to make Berlin-Paris a nightly service by the end of the year.

 3) Route and Stops

    • The Nightjet stops in Halle, Erfurt, Frankfurt, and Strasbourg, in addition to rearranging cars in Mannheim based on passengers’ destinations.

 4) Seat and Sleeping Options

    • Categories include regular seats, bunk cabins, and full sleeper cabins.
    • Individual seats are the most economical, starting at €34, while private compartments with seats cost at least €100.
    • Couchette bunks are suitable for groups and families, with options ranging from €50 for a berth in a six-bed cabin to €60 for a spot in a four-bed cabin.
    • Splurge-worthy options include sleeper cars, starting at €80 for a spot in a three-bed sleeper car and €110 for a two-bed sleeper car.
    • Single travelers can opt for a completely private sleeping car for a minimum of €160.

 5) Luxury Sleeper Options (“Plus” Tickets)

    • “Plus” tickets offer private toilets and showers.
    • These options can be considerably more expensive, potentially costing double the regular sleeper seat. Check specific options for the desired travel date.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler or someone seeking luxurious overnight accommodations, the Berlin-Paris night train caters to a range of preferences. From scenic routes to convenient booking options, embark on a memorable journey connecting two of Europe’s most vibrant capitals.

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