Places to travel Beyond Germany with Your €49 Ticket

Places to Travel Beyond Germany with Your €49 Ticket

Are you tired of the same old routine and itching to explore new destinations? Well, look no further! With your 49 euro ticket, you can venture beyond Germany and discover some incredible places. In this article, we’ll take a look at the places to travel beyond Germany with you €49 ticket.

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The Deutschlandticket has been accepted on all regional railways and public transportation throughout the federal republic since May 1, 2023. While this rules out taking long-haul ICE or IC trains, with a little patience, one may go quite a distance with the 49-euro ticket. This involves crossing into a few of Germany’s eight surrounding nations. In some circumstances, stations on the opposite side of a neighboring border can still fall under the German national tariff. This occurs because authorities typically do not place the national train tariff boundaries directly on the actual border between two countries. As long as there is local transportation available for these connections, travelers can use the 49-euro ticket to travel across these borders. From Tønder to Salzburg, Here’s how to utilize your monthly ticket to its maximum capacity.

1) Tønder, Denmark 

This little town is an excellent place to learn about Danish culture and is right across the border from Germany. The Tønder Museum, which features a variety of Danish artwork and antiquities, should definitely be seen.
The RB66 departs at Niebüll, Schleswig-Holstein and continues into Denmark to Tønder,, a small Danish town that annually hosts its own self-titled festival, a mainstay on the folk fan calendar.

Additionally, keep in mind that the Danish border town has been a favorite for European elopers since the 1960s if you want to take the 49-euro ticket on a vacation that will genuinely change your life. Due to Denmark’s lax marriage regulations, many couples opt to wed the Scandi way rather than cope with the burdensome German bureaucracy.

2) Luxembourg, Luxembourg

This little nation is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, medieval architecture, and delectable cuisine. Visit the Bock Casemates, the Luxembourg Gardens, and the Grand Duke’s Palace. With the RE11, travelers can reach Luxembourg, one of Europe’s more manageable nations, through Koblenz and Trier. Fans of the now-extinct, but never forgotten, 9-euro ticket will undoubtedly like this one’s extra bonus: all public transportation in Luxembourg is free for both locals and visitors. With the implementation of this legislation in 2020, you can travel the entire length of this little nation for essentially nothing. In Luxembourg, you can easily get off a scorching train and explore the nation on foot. Walking from Wormeldange to Aubange, with a lunch stop in Luxembourg City, takes just under 12 hours.

3) Venlo, The Netherlands

This Dutch city is renowned for both its exciting nightlife and its lovely canals. You should definitely explore the historic city core, and you should certainly try the local cuisine. It only takes six minutes to travel with the RE13 from Germany to Venlo, a small Dutch city that has contributed to the big history of the world. The 49-euro ticket offers foreign locations near borders with unique stories from WWI and WWII. For a relaxing spring or summer vacation, visit the Meuse river and enjoy a refreshing beer at the Cafe de Klep beer garden.

4) Salzburg, Austria

This is the most you can get out of a 49-euro ticket for city visits outside of Germany. With the Bavarian RE5, you can travel from Munich to Salzburg’s center in about two hours. Salzburg has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Salzburg is best known for being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born there in 1756. This idea is central to the city’s tourism sector, with Mozartkugel pistachio and marzipan chocolates dominating many tourist sites and shops. Now put on your headphones and take a lovely stroll!

5) Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, just across the Rhine, is a mash-up of both France and Germany. Technically speaking, this inclusion to the list might be dishonest. It will cost a few additional euros because the Strasbourgers don’t actually permit the 49-euro ticket to enter their area. The RB25 is perfect for Francophiles in Germany. It starts in Offenburg and reaches the Alsatian city in just over 30 minutes. Get off at Kehl, the last stop in Germany, and switch trams at Bahnhof Kehl. Strasbourg, accessible by foot, is an ideal weekend getaway. Its colossal Notre Dame towers over the old town, and the Upper Rhine Valley, with shaded picnic areas by the water, is worth exploring.

6. Basel, Switzerland

Basel, a charming Swiss city, is easily accessible from Freidhshafen, Germany, with the Interregio Express (IRE) offering a convenient and affordable travel option under the 49-euro ticket. The journey from Freidhshafen to Basel Bad takes approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes, making it a perfect addition to your European travel itinerary. Basel offers a plethora of exciting activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. To make the most of your visit to Basel, we recommend planning for a long weekend or vacation. The city offers a wealth of attractions, and you’ll need at least 72 hours to explore them fully. Furthermore, make sure to enhance your trip by boarding the regularly running Aloha Party Cruise, which connects the old town and Dreiländereck. This unique cruise allows you to experience the meeting point of three countries and enjoy the scenic views. The cafes at Dreiländereck come highly recommended, and the sandy beaches at various cafes make for a delightful and relaxing experience.

Just keep in mind that advance planning is very necessary when traveling outside of Germany. You have places to travel beyond Germany with your €49 ticket. Discover affordable travel choices, reserve lodging at hotels or hostels, and take advantage of regional specials and discounts. You can maximize your 49 euro ticket and generate priceless memories in these incredible locations with a little advance planning. Pack your things, get your 49 euro ticket, and get ready to leave Germany for an amazing trip. Happy travels!


The Deutschlandticket, accepted on regional railways and public transport since May 1, 2023, allows travelers to explore neighboring countries with a 49-euro ticket. Stations near borders often fall under the German tariff, enabling cross-border travel. From Tønder, Denmark, to Salzburg, Austria, and beyond, various destinations offer unique experiences. Luxembourg provides free public transport, while Venlo, Netherlands, boasts canals and nightlife. Salzburg, Austria, charms with its UNESCO heritage, and Strasbourg, France, merges French and German cultures. Basel, Switzerland, accessible from Freidhshafen, Germany, offers a wealth of attractions. With careful planning, travelers can maximize their 49 euro ticket for unforgettable journeys beyond Germany’s borders.

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