Berlin University of the Arts

Berlin University of the Arts

About the University

Berlin University of the Arts, also known as The Universität der Künste Berlin is Europe’s largest art school, located in Berlin, Germany. It is a public – art and design school that was founded in 1975. The University is one of the four universities in Berlin and the majority of courses here are guided through centuries-old traditions.

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Berlin university of arts

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Overall Ranking

The Berlin University of the Arts ranks 2747 of 14,160 In the World, 104 of 370 In Germany and 2244 of 2,801 For Art & Design among other universities, establishing its prominence in fine arts courses.


Courses Offered for International Students

The University encompasses a wide range of artistic endeavors as well as related academic pursuits such as Music, Fine Arts, Architecture, Design, Visual Communication media. Except for some higher education graduate programs, there are no tuition costs at the UdK Berlin. From over 70 differential courses there are few popular ones that many abroad students seek, these are-

  1. Master Program in Art in Context.
  2. Master Program in Communication in Social and Economic Context.
  3. Cultural Journalism in Master of Arts.
  4. Masters in Fine Arts.
  5. Music Therapy and Extra-occupational Master’s Course.

Scholarships and financial aids:

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Internships near Berlin University of the Arts

If you are an international student you might wonder about the Internship opportunities in Germany and specifically, Berlin, where this art institute is based. Well worry not, because you will find companies like MANGO, Land Berlin, NTC Next Talent Connect UG, Action, Haus Tier Service Foster among many more providing with such opportunities.

Jobs near the Berlin University of the Arts

Students in Germany are entitled to work part-time while studying. Companies such as Young Capital DE, Eventus Media International, NOVOTEL procure job opportunities for worthy enthusiasts. You can apply to such companies through online portals or even public ads.

House and Accommodation

Even though the majority of German universities feature accommodation facilities such as student hostels, the UdK Berlin itself does not have student dormitories. Still, there are other alternatives such as private housing, apartments, dorms and flat share. You can also find the information on accommodation through online portals.

Cost of Living

The average cost of courses lies up to 3000 EUR, with only few courses offered at no tuition fee. Although the university requires one-time registration fees, which differ for EU and non-EU students. This 250 to 300 EUR enrollment fee must be paid independently. Housing, meals, recreational activities, books, internet, and transportation all add up to roughly 830 EUR each month in Berlin.

Places to visit in Berlin

Berlin, as the country’s capital, has an affluent history that can still be seen and felt in many parts of the city. Hence one can find many tourists hotspots to visit, like-
1. Museum Island – German museums are crown jewels where any history enthusiast would love to visit. The isle is one such piece of artwork, with five world-famous museum buildings dating back to the Prussian era.
2. Berlin’s Television Tower – This 368 meter tall, 46 year old tower can be seen from essentially anywhere around the city which helps it draw tourists from all across the city.
3. Grosser Tiergarten and the Victory Column – The 67 meter high emblem of victory was built in 1873 as a memorial commemorating Prussia’s victory in the Franco-German War and is now one of Berlin’s most popular sightseeing attractions.

The Berlin University of the Arts has an opulent history with loads of opportunities in the field of Arts and Media. This means, for students who seek to fulfill their dreams studying an Art study from an eminent University, this is the right choice.

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