Carl Benz School of Engineering

Carl Benz School of Engineering

About Carl Benz School of Engineering

The Carl Benz School of Engineering (CBS) or The KIT’s Mechanical Engineering College is located in the centre of Karlsruhe, Germany. In 2007, the KIT Mechanical Engineering College was officially renamed “Carl Benz School of Engineering,” after Carl Benz, the designer of the automobiles. The School’s objective is to educate talented engineers with an inventive perspective so that they can follow in Benz’s footsteps and shape today’s scientific innovations.

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Carl Benz School

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Overall Ranking

The Carl Benz School of Engineering ranks 177 of 14,160 In the World, 1 of 7 In Karlsruhe, and 6 of 1,026 In the Nuclear Engineering Field.


Courses Offered for International Students

The international course offered by the Carl Benz School is taught in English. Adding to this, they provide excellent preparation for industrial engineering for graduates. These courses are named as –

  1. B.Sc. program in Mechanical Engineering.
  2. German Language Courses.
  3. Summer School course in Mechanical Engineering.

Scholarships and financial aids:

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Internships near Carl Benz School of Engineering

CBS provides specialized training, research assistance, workshops, and even internship recruitment assistance. This, in turn, sought out lots of possibilities for students from corporations like Lidl, Dirk Rossmann GmbH, DHL, and Findling Wälzlager GmbH.

Jobs near Carl Benz School of Engineering

Karlsruhe is a comparatively small city in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Still, it offers wide opportunities to anyone who’s looking for part-time jobs. Students can find Job Opportunities in various fields, and companies such as IKEA, Holzfarm GmbH, YoungCapital DE, SUP Marketing GmbH offer a high level of recruitment to skilled students.

Housing and Accommodation

Carl Benz School offers an on-campus accommodation facility, which is one of the finest accommodation spots in Karlsruhe. Nonetheless, students can consider choosing from various private dormitories, flatshares, and even youth hostels. The total living expenses can roughly cost a student around 500 to 700 EUR per month, effectively making the city not that expensive for students.

Cost of Living

The Semester fees in CBS vary for EU and Non-EU students. For Non-EU Students, the amount sums to 1,651.20 EUR  and 7,000 EUR as KIT Enrollment Fee and CBS College Program Fee, respectively. This total sum of 8,651 EUR is given on a semester basis. A student should consider an amount of 500 to 700 EUR per month as the living cost in Karlsruhe.

Places to visit near the College

Karlsruhe is nicknamed the “fan city”, because of its unusual radial design. It is also the third-largest city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany’s federal state. It is easy to assume that the city has some wonderful architectural heritage, such as-

  1. The Karlsruhe Castle – Badisches Landesmuseum is now housed in Karlsruhe Schloss the Castle, which was severely damaged during World War II. It’s a stunning castle with a lot to see and do.
  2. The Karlsruhe Zoo – Being situated in the heart of Karlsruhe, Germany, to the north of Karlsruhe Central Station, the zoo is both lovely and educational. It is one of Germany’s earliest zoological venues, having started in 1865. Charles III William commissioned the garden and Karl Christian Gmelin designed it.
  3. Schloss Gottesaue -During Second World War, the monuments were severely heavily damaged, but they were rebuilt. It is currently a music school. It’s somewhat out of the ordinary, but it’s fascinating to explore if you like interesting architecture.

Carl Benz School of Engineering achieves a high level of engineering expertise while preserving a systematic and research-oriented approach. Carl Benz sought to create engineering advances with a high aim, and the school helps its students achieve that goal. It is reasonable to say that students with an engineering background are easily attracted to study here from all over the world.

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