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DAAD Fellowship

DAAD Fellowship

About DAAD Fellowship

This article gives you an overview of the DAAD Fellowship. Germany, which is located in the heart of Europe, is famed for its scientific, research, and development prowess. They provide a diverse range of doctoral prospects through their renowned research systems, world-class institutions, and a plethora of organizations that provide practical training, making it an attractive place for researchers.

You should submit an application for the DAAD Fellowship if you plan to pursue postgraduate studies in Germany. Here’s everything you need to know:

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DAAD Fellowship
DAAD Fellowship

What is a DAAD Scholarship?

This prestigious scholarship is fully supported by the German government and is available to anyone interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree in Germany.

In fact, the German Academic Exchange Service, or DAAD, currently sponsors the education of 100,000 German and international students in party-related foundations and business-affiliated schools each year. Internships are also covered in some programs. Graduates, doctoral students, and postdoctoral researchers will benefit from these programs.

What are the benefits of DAAD Fellowship ?

The scholarships are considerable, including both tuition and living expenses. Postgraduate students will be paid 750 euros per month, while doctoral students will be paid €1,000 per month. Both of them are covered by health insurance. There is also the possibility of receiving a travel grant for these students.

Who is eligible to apply DAAD Fellowship?

Applicants for a DAAD Fellowship must submit the following documents at the time of their application:

  • You must not be a German citizen.
  • be able to demonstrate exceptional academic or research accomplishments in the field of research relevant to the fellowship offer
  • They hold a university degree and have completed their studies or research within the last six years.
  • They received their doctorate/Ph.D./Candidate degree (Russia) less than two years ago.
  • Applicants must be employed in higher education or a research institute; opportunities are open to exceptionally competent academics and scientists with a doctorate or Ph.D. in hand. Additional requirements may be expressed differently in fellowship offers.
  • Having a strong command of the English language; an understanding of German is a plus point.

International students can apply for one of three types of fellowships offered by the DAAD. The following are the necessary details for these fellowships:

Type A

Target Group – Doctoral Students

Fellowship Goal – Doctorate in Germany

Funding Duration – 36 months

Monthly Instalment – 1,760 Euros

Possible Additional Payments – e.g. flat-rate travel allowance, health insurance, family allowances

Type B

Target Group – Postdoctoral Students

Fellowship Goal – Research in Germany

Funding Duration – 6 to 24 months

Monthly Instalment – 2,400 Euros

Possible Additional Payments – none

Type C

Target Group – Senior Scientists

Fellowship Goal – Research in Germany

Funding Duration – 1 to 3 months

Monthly Instalment – 2,760 Euros

Possible Additional Payments – none

How to Apply for a DAAD Fellowship

The DAAD portal is used for the application process. The following files must be uploaded to the DAAD website:

  • Online application form
  • Cover page
  • List of reasons why you want to apply for a specific fellowship: Appendix Curriculum vitae in its entirety
  • If applicable, a list of publications
  • The final Master’s or Ph.D. thesis abstract (max. 3 pages)
  • Final grade(s) on a university degree certificate: If the certificate is not available at the time of application, you must provide it before the grant-supported study can commence.
  • Certificate of proficiency in English
  • Documents provided in the national language are translated into German or English.
  • All university certificates, including explanations of the grading method, for all annual examinations with individual grades.
  • Applicants are not required to present proof of academic supervision.

Do you need to be able to communicate in German?

While each program and institution has its own set of prerequisites, the majority of them ask for confirmation of current competency in either German or English or both. Keep in mind that IELTS results are recognized, but TOEFL scores are not. Free placement exams are available from Deutsche Welle and the Goethe-Institut if you want to test your German skills before applying.

Application deadline

If there is an application deadline, it is stated in the current offers. The DAAD scholarships are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. While your application is being considered, fellowship offers may be given to other applicants.

To apply, visit the DAAD scholarship database and look for the DAAD program. You can access the site by clicking the “Submitting an application” tab from here. Please keep in mind that only fully completed applications will be considered. Applicants are responsible for the accuracy of their applications.

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All of the following information was gathered from the internet. If you have any questions, you may reach out to us directly at howtoabroad.com.

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