European University Viadrina

European University Viadrina

About the University

The European University Viadrina is a university located in Frankfurt, Brandenburg, Germany. It is also recognized as the University of Frankfurt. It was established in 1506, closed in 1811, and refounded in 1991.

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European University Viadrina
European University Viadrina

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Overall ranking- European University Viadrina

The current analysis states that the university has a rank of 1920 of 14,160 in the World, 624 of 2,789 in Europe, 84 of 370 in Germany, and 7 of 46 in Bradenburg. Along with this it holds the position of 430 of 1,031 for Tax Law and is in the top 50% for 11 other topics.


Courses offered- European University Viadrina

University offers courses in the following faculties:-

Scholarships and Financial aids:

Data unavailable.

Internships near the university:

Students can raise some finance by doing part-time jobs and internships. They can work as student assistants in the university or can work in the outside market. Vacancies can be searched through online portals in organizations such as GET4 GmbH, Materna Information & Communications SE, and many more. Students can earn up to 450 EUR/month through their part-time jobs.

Jobs near the university:

Students can earn up to 450 EUR/month through their part-time jobs in companies like GET4 GmbH, Materna Information & Communications SE and more.

Housing and accommodation- European University Viadrina

University provides good and affordable accommodation. A single room in a three-bedroom apartment is available at the rent of approx 160 EUR/month (include a broadband Internet connection, electricity, and warm water). Students can also choose to live in private accommodation which ranges approximately around the same cot as students residence.

Cost of living

Expenses of living merely depend on the lifestyle of students and the place they choose to live. To survive here, a student must have around 550-650 EUR/month (including rent, health insurance, and other basic utilities) in his/her pocket. Students have to pay a compulsory amount of 300 EUT/semester as a semester contribution which includes the semester ticket for transport.

Place to visit near the university:

  • Städel Museum- It is a European art museum from the 14th century to today.
  • Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt- It is a gallery for major modern art and exhibition.
  • Palmengarten- It is a botanical garden with a huge greenhouse.
  • Frankfurt Cathedral- It is a Soaring Gothic structure with exposure to city views.
  • Römerberg- It is a Picturesque timber house on the town square.

With over 5000 students the university is a great success. It offers the best academic knowledge and teaches responsible use of it. The university is a fantastic success according to Frank-Walter SteinmeierGerman Foreign Minister (2006).

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