FOM University of Applied Sciences

FOM University of Applied Sciences

About FOM University of Applied Sciences

From its very establishment in 1993, the FOM University of Applied Sciences has aimed to provide individuals with the opportunity to earn a state-recognized university degree without having to leave their professions or restrict their work competence. It has about 42,000 students that including 6% of international students. Essen is the main campus of this University of Applied Sciences.

FOM University of Applied Sciences
FOM University of Applied Sciences

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Overall Ranking

As of now, the University of Applied Sciences in Essen has not been listed on any accredited website.

Internships near FOM University of Applied Sciences

Over 700 organizations have partnered with the FOM, including- 3M, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, RWE, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, and Bayer. This opens up prospects for students of doing internship programs at these reputated organizations boosted from the university itself.

Jobs near FOM University of Applied Sciences

Job opportunities for students are well preserved in FOM. As for Essen being the fourth-largest city of North Rhine-Westphalia, it brings part-time opportunities from organizations like MiM – Mensch im Mittelpunkt, HausTierService Foster, Care Companion GmbH, Flowserve Germany.

Housing and Accommodation

Dormitories, youth hostels, and private housing are all options for students in Essen. Additionally, the monthly average rent for private apartments in Essen is about 532.50€. Student council can nonetheless help out students to figure out the place near FOM.

Cost of Living

The tuition fee is 2970€ per semester at FOM. A one-time enrollment cost of 1,580€ when taking admission and a one-time examination fee of 380€ are also required at the culmination of the degree program. Moreover, the cost for food, accommodation, and travel can go up to 750€ per month in Essen for students.

Popular Courses for International Students

FOM provides excellent study programs in environments that are suited for and appealing to target groups, with a concentration on programs that may be completed while students work or pursue vocational training.

  1.  Master of Business Administration.
  2.  Master of Science in Logistik & Supply Chain Management.
  3.  Master of Science in IT Management.
  4. Master of Science in Finance & Accounting.

Places to visit near the University

Essen features a strong variety of visiting spots. A few of them are listed below-
1. Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex is the most well-known landmark in the city. The coal mine and coking factory were among Europe’s biggest for generations.
2. The Cathedral of the Bishop of Essen or Essen Abbey’s former collegiate church now,  is a Gothic hall church built of light sandstone.
3. The then-New Synagogue, which was completed in 1913, functioned as the major gathering site for Essen’s pre-war Jewish population. The structure has been one of pre-war Germany’s largest and most remarkable testaments to Jewish culture.

The FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management is one of Germany’s largest private institutions. The business school is privately run, state-recognized, and it collaborates closely with other institutions. It also boasts of Germany’s largest economic and business sciences faculty, this, in turn, benefits its students in the corporate industry.

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