German International University (GIU)

German International University (GIU)

About German International University (GIU)

In 2019, the German International University (GIU) was founded. It has Berlin as the main campus in Germany. GIU delivers academic degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees) according to German study curricula, academic standards, and study laws and regulations.

German International University (GIU)
German International University (GIU)

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Overall Ranking

As of now, the German International University (GIU) has not been ranked on any of the accredited websites.

Internships near German International University (GIU)

Possibilities for a semester abroad in Germany and Europe, as well as opportunities to engage in exchange programs, German language summer courses, and academic specialist workshops, are all open in GIU.
GIU also offers Internships in renowned companies in Egypt and Germany that could lead to positive career opportunities. Some Companies are Young Capital DE, Eventus Media International, NOVOTEL.

Jobs near German International University (GIU)

However, students can manage their finances by working part-time at eateries, bookstores, marketplaces, and stores. Also, online employment platforms are being used by organizations such as MANGO, REWE, Lidl, IKEA, Sephora, and others to recruit.

Housing and Accommodation

Even though student dormitories are available at the majority of German universities, the GIU Berlin does not provide their student residences. There are still more options, including private rentals, condos, hostels, and flat-sharing which can cost up to 500€ per Month. Lodging information is accessible through Student Services and online websites too.

Cost of Living

For their Semester contribution, students need to pay 3715€ per semester in GIU. Also, 80€ as admission test fee is charged. The median living cost in Berlin can go up to 853€ per month, which includes living expenses, food, and rent.

Popular Courses for International Students

Engineering, Architecture, Informatics and Computer Science, Economics and Business Administration, Public Administration, and Production Technology are some of the specializations offered by the German International University. Some other are-

  1.  B.Sc. in Media Engineering and Technology.
  2.  B.Sc. in Information Engineering and Technology.
  3.  M.Sc. in Mechatronics.
  4.  M.Sc. in Architecture Engineering.
  5.  M.Sc. in Civil Engineering.

Places to visit near the University

Berlin, the city of vitality, has a vibrant international community and world-class universities, making it a key player in the higher field of education. Some places to visit are-

1. The Deutsches Theater in Mitte was built between 1849 and 1850 has been a famous theatre in running condition ever since.
2. The Weekend Club in Alexanderplatz has a rooftop patio where you may party late into the night.
3. The Berlin State Opera on Unter den Linden is the oldest of the three operas in Berlin, having opened in 1742.

GIU introduces a different university teaching and learning experience through a unique, well-founded German education style that prioritizes individual and career competence, as well as the development of student’s skills and abilities. The University also helps advance the region’s commerce and business by combining practice-oriented learning, research, and cutting-edge equipment.

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