GMAT and GRE scores are requirements nowadays to get admission to a business school. While going for a graduate program in a business school in Germany you may need to present the scores of the GRE or GMAT. This GMAT vs GRE article will give you a closer look at both exams. 


GMAT Overview

For entrance to a business, school GMAT is considered an entrance exam. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is the administration body conducting GMAT exams. The GMAT exam tests a person’s critical thinking and reasoning skills. While the GMAT exam can be retaken up to 5 times in 12 months at the center and once in online mode. However, you cannot exceed the limit of 8 exams anyways. 

GMAT Format

GMAT test comprises 4 sections. These sections are:

      1. Analytic Writing- 30 Minutes
      2. Integrated Reasoning- 30 Minutes
      3. Quantitative Reasoning- 62 Minutes
      4. Verbal Reasoning- 65 Minutes

GRE Overview

GRE is considered by many graduate schools. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) is the body conducting GRE Exams. The exam tests a person’s critical thinking, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing skills. In contrast, GRE Exam can be retaken up to 5 times in 12 months. However, you can choose which scores you want to use at the time of admission if you are reapplying for the exam. 

GRE Format

GRE test comprises 3 sections. These sections are:

      1. Analytic Reasoning- 30 Minutes
      2. Verbal Reasoning- 30 Minutes
      3. Quantitative Reasoning- 35 Minutes

Although the vast majority of schools use GMAT and GRE scores for eligibility for admissions. Still, the acceptance varies as per the requirement of the college you are applying to. You can choose the test that highlights your strengths. In comparing the GMAT vs GRE, GRE is a more preferred choice as it keeps multiple options open for graduation. If you are passionate about business school, then you can go for the GMAT exam. 

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