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About GUC Berlin

By executive directive 2002, the German University in Cairo or GUC Berlin was formed as a German-Egyptian private university. Presently, the GUC comprises approximately 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students attending in Cairo and Berlin. The institution maintains international offices in Berlin, Ulm, Stuttgart, and Tübingen, as well as relationships with other countries with numerous universities and organizations.


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Overall Ranking

As of now, the GUC Berlin has not been ranked on any of the accredited websites.

Internships near GUC Berlin

Internships with reputable companies in Egypt and Germany are also available through GUC, which may lead to improved employment chances. Young Capital DE, Eventus Media International, and NOVOTEL are a few companies. GUC offers options for a semester abroad in Germany and Europe, as well as exchange programs, German language summer courses, and academic special seminars.

Jobs near GUC Berlin

A part-time job at cafes, shops, fairs, and retailers, on the other hand, can help students manage their expenses. Companies such as MANGO, REWE, Lidl, IKEA, Sephora, and others also employ online hiring portals to hire.

Housing and Accommodation

Even though student apartments are provided at the majority of German institutions, the GUC does not have any. Private apartments, condos, dormitories, and flat-sharing, which can cost up to 500€ per month, are among the other alternatives. Student Services, as well as online portals, provide accommodation data.

Cost of Living

Students must pay 3715€ per semester in GUC for their semester fee. In addition, an entrance examination cost of 80€ is payable. The average monthly cost of living in Berlin is 853€, which incorporates living expenditures, meals, and housing.

Popular Courses for International Students

Some Courses offered by GUC are as follows.

  1. BSc in Management.
  2. B Tech. in Cloud Computing and Big Tech.
  3. BSc in Business Informatics.
  4. M.Sc. in Mechatronics.

Places to visit near the University

Berlin has risen exponentially, and the places listed below are just a few highlights.
1. The Staatsoper Unter den Linden, widely known as the “Berlin State Opera,” is a historic edifice on Unter den Linden avenue in Berlin’s historic center.
2. The Charlottenburg Palace (Charlottenburg Palace) is a Baroque palace in Berlin, situated in Charlottenburg, a sector of the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf borough.
3. The Gendarmenmarkt is a Berlin plaza that is home to a historical assemblage that includes the Berlin Concert Hall as well as French and German churches.

Students at the GUC Berlin campus profit through practical instruction and significant attention to the integration of education and research. Students are assigned into small numbers, which allows for more individual attention plus facilitates participation and learning. All in all, GUC is an ideal location for academics.

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