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Hertie School of Governance

Hertie School of Governance

About Hertie School of Governance

Hertie School of Governance is a private non-profit institution located in Berlin. The university was founded in the year 2003. This university focuses to prepare its students for leadership in government, business, and civil society. This university offers students programs that emphasized academic excellence and practical orientation. The University has 586 enrollment from all over the world.

Hertie School of Governance
Hertie School of Governance

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Rank of Hertie School of Governance

The University has a ranking of 2685 of 14,160 in the World,786 of 2,789 in Europe,100 of 370 in Germany,8 of 36 in Berlin. The university also secured a rank of 343 of 1,009 in the field of political economy.


Internships near Hertie School of Governance

The Career Development office of the university helps students with internships. All students of the university have to complete their summer internships between their first and second year of study. Apart from that, companies like Tiktok, Babbel, Soulhouse, BASF, etc offer internships to students.

Jobs near the University

The Career Development Office of the University can provide information on part-time jobs. If a student wants to gain more working experience, they can apply for a program called Professional Year. In this program, students leave the university for 9 to 15 months to acquire professional experience. Many off-campus jobs like babysitter, cashier, bartender, private tutor, etc are available in the market. Apart from that, companies like BASF, DHL, UPS Germany, Beets&Roots, etc give students part-time jobs in Berlin.

Housing and Accommodation

Berlin is an affordable city than any other city in Germany. So the demand for housing and accommodation is really high. So students have to look for accommodation as earlier as possible. Students can look for private accommodation near the campus. Students have to pay around 450 Euros Euros per month for accommodation.

Cost of living

Students have to pay tuition fees of 8,625 Euros per semester. Students have to pay health insurance of 90 Euros per month. So, the total estimated living cost will be 850 Euros per month excluding tuition fees.

Popular Courses for International Students

Some Popular courses of this university are as follows:

  1. Data Science for Public Policy (M.sc)
  2. Executive Master of Public Administration (M.A)
  3. Master of International Affairs (M.A)
  4. Artificial Intelligence for Decision Makers (eMPA)

Places to visit near the University

Berlin is the capital of Germany. Some popular places to visit in Berlin are as follows:

  • Brandenburg Gate-It is a monument located in Berlin.
  • Reichstag Building-It is a historic building located in Berlin.
  • East Side Gallery-It is a permanent open-air gallery located in Berlin.
  • Berlin Cathedral-It is a church.
  • Pergamon Museum-It is a listed building on the museum island located in Berlin.

As a state-recognized university located in Berlin, this university’s unique study programs attract students from all over the world. This university believes in ”Understand today. Shape tomorrow” motto.

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