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Hof University of Applied Sciences

Hof University of Applied Sciences

About Hof University of Applied Sciences

Hof University of Applied Sciences was established in the year 1994. Located in Bavaria, it is a non-profit,public-private university. Practice orientation, internationalization which is focusing on India, and the intelligent use of resources which is focusing on indoor climate systems/water are the main parts of teaching and research at the university. This university offers more than 30 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the field of  Business, Computer Science, and Engineering. This university offers both full-time and part-time study programs. Currently, this university has 3200 students and 18% of them are international students.


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Hof University of Applied Sciences
Hof University of Applied Sciences

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Rank of Hof University of Applied Sciences

This University has a ranking of 6250 of 14,160 in the World,1663 of 2,789 in Europe,236 of 370 in Germany, and 32 of 45 in Bavaria.


Internships near Hof University of Applied Sciences

There are two different types of internships; compulsory internship and voluntary internship. The compulsory internship is mandatory which is included in the study program. The voluntary internship is not included in the study program but students can do this type of internship to gain experience. The career service of the university always helps students to find these types of internships. Companies like SCHERDEL GmbH, SALVIA medical GmbH & Co. KG, Siemens Healthineers, etc offer internships.

Jobs near the University

The university organizes a career fair every year in May. Students can contact directly the companies in this fair. The online job portal of this university also provides information about part-time jobs. Students can also do a side job, for example, academic assistance, private tutors, babysitter, bartender, waiters, or waitresses at a cafe, etc. Apart from that, Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Siemens Healthineers, Valeo, etc companies hire students for part-time jobs.

Housing and Accommodation

The student service organization of the university is the main provider of student housing.They maintains student dormitories in Hof and in Münchberg. Some links are provided on the university website. If students want to stay in Hof, they have to pay 240 Euros-260 Euros per month for accommodation. If they want to move to Münchberg, they have to pay 150 Euros-160 Euros per month for accommodation.

Cost of Living

The University charges 3,150 Euros as tuition fees. Students have to pay a semester contribution of 100 Euros per semester. Overall the cost of living will be around 700 Euros-800 Euros per month excluding tuition fees.

Popular courses for International Students

Here are some popular courses for international students:

  1. Sustainable Water Management and Engineering (M.Eng)
  2. Applied Research in Computer Science (M.sc)
  3. Global Management (M.A)
  4. Master in Digitalisation and Innovation (M.BA)
  5. Master in Software Engineering for Industrial Applications (M.Eng)

Places to visit near the University

Hof is a northeastern town of the German state of Bavaria. Some popular places where students can go while they are living in Hof are as follows:

  • Hof Botanical Garden-It is a municipal botanical garden located in Hof.
  • Deutsch-Deutsches Museum- It is a beautiful German History museum located in the Hof.
  • Stadtebundtheater Hof- It is a theatre situated in town.
  • Castle Colditz– It is a Renaissance castle located in town.
  • Veste Coburg-It is one of the largest castles located in the Upper Franconia region of Bavaria.

They educated their students excellently and very carefully. Their teaching programs are influenced by the ideas of strong-practice orientation, open-mindedness and resource efficiency. The relationship between the university and partner companies benefits students in their academics.

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