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How To Get Academic Transcript- Everything You Need to Know

How To Get Academic Transcript- Everything You Need to Know

About Academic Transcript

This guide covers all you need to know about an academic transcript and how to get them. An academic transcript is evidence of education. It contains a thorough record of all the topics you’ve studied, as well as your grades in the form of marks or grades assigned by your educational institution.

Because this is an important document for the university to analyze to understand what was your bachelor’s about. Is it relevant to the course that you are applying to, a transcript plays a very important role? Every university has a different format for giving a transcript, so you must go to your university and ask for one.

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How to get academic transcript
How to get an academic transcript

Criteria of  Academic Transcript

There are several criteria for obtaining an academic transcript from a university, including such:

  • Students should maintain soft copies of their papers available in case they need to submit an application right away.
  • Some international colleges ask students to transmit physical copies of their transcripts via courier services such as DHL. Before sending out your documents, it is advised that you study the university’s criteria properly.
  • You’ll need transcripts from your most recent classes to meet the basic criteria.
  • The academic transcript is generally filled once you have passed all of the exams contained in the Learning Agreement, and the failed courses are usually not recorded, only the ones you passed.
  • Those seeking a graduate degree in another country will require their undergraduate transcripts.
  • Transcripts of Secondary School Education (12th grade) or Pre-University Education are required for those applying to an undergraduate degree program overseas (Undergraduate Diploma).
  • For applying to german universities a notary must take over if you have a transcript of an original document.
  • The academic transcript must be presented in the original language with an English translation.
  • The local criteria are your exam mark, which is very important in order to get your ECTS credits and the German grade system which you’ve earned as a result of passing the exam.

Here is an example of a Transcript Record:

Transcript Record
Transcript Record




Transcript Record
Transcript Record

Although the format of your education records differs from one university to the next, the information supplied above is generic and may be found in any Transcript of Records. If you have any questions concerning this paper, however, you can contact Howtoabroad.

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