HTW- Dresden University of Applied Sciences

HTW- Dresden University of Applied Sciences

About the University

HTW- Dresden University of Applied Sciences is the second-largest university in the city of Dresden and was founded on 16 July 1992 in Saxony, Germany. The university covers a broad scientific spectrum. It is internationally renowned for its research and provides excellent conditions for pioneering interdisciplinary research projects.


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HTW- Dresden University of Applied Sciences
HTW- Dresden University of Applied Sciences

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University Rankings

According to current statistics, the university holds up a great ranking at 2519 of 14,160 in the world, 764 of 2,789 in Europe, 97 of 370 in Germany, 5 of 19 in Saxony, and 2 of 7 in Dresden.


Courses offered by the University

Jobs & Internships – HTW- Dresden University of Applied Sciences

Internships are required in some courses. Primarily, students can find detailed information on internships on its website. Some courses do require the internship to be completed before the start of the course. Furthermore, students can try other options known as ‘HiWi’ internships at the university wherein student assistant positions are a chance to earn extra money within the degree program. Secondly, job options are easily accessible for students on an online portal with vacancies in companies like DHL, GALERIA, JYSK, Lidl, Cargill, and many more.

Housing and Accommodation

On-campus accommodation services for students are not funded by the university. Consequently, for students, the Studentenwerk department operates student dormitories throughout the area. Owing to that, it has all the information related to accommodation on its website and is the most trusted source for rental purposes. The cost of student accommodation in Germany is more as compared to other regions ranging from €232 to €390/month. Furthermore, there are primarily two types of accommodation are available that is a room in a student residence hall and the other is private housing. The most affordable type of accommodation is the Student Halls of Residence. Lastly, due to affordability shared flats are very popular among students.

Cost of Living

Depending on the course and the lifestyle of the student, the cost of living differs. Consequently, on-campus accommodation is not provided by the university. The off-campus rent varies along with regular expenses. Apart from that, the average cost is approximately €600-€800/month for international students. Along with that, with no tuition fees, students have to pay mandatory semester fees for the university currently are €290/semester.

Places to Visit Near HTW- Dresden University of Applied Sciences

The capital city of Saxony, Dresden is a distinguished town that has celebrated art museums and classic architecture of its reconstructed old town. Following are some of the places to visit:

  • Frauenkirche Dresden: It’s a reconstructed protestant church very nicely rebuilt after the bombing of Dresden during WWI. Students should make time to visit this majestic architecture.
  • Dresden Castle: It’s a restored royal palace & state art museum and for almost 400 years, it was the residence of the electors and kings of Saxony from the Albertine House of Wettin.
  • Green Vault: It’s a museum with baroque jewelry & artworks, founded in 1723 by Augustus the Strong of Poland and Saxony. Great place for someone who loves history and jewelry, with an audioguide.

In a nutshell, HTW- Dresden University of Applied Sciences is one of the leading and most dynamic universities in Germany. Moreover, the university empowers students across the globe to determine their future career and have successful prospects.


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