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IELTS Exam Syllabus 2022

IELTS Exam Syllabus 2022

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test of English language proficiency for work, study, or immigration. Cracking the well-known English test won’t be difficult if you have a solid understanding of the IELTS exam syllabus and pattern.

This test evaluates a person based on English language proficiency level. It is primarily aimed at non-native English speakers who want to study abroad. Nearly all foreign universities use English as a communication language. Every student who did not have English as their first language must take the IELTS, which is a required English test. Depending on the nation and the university, a student’s score and eligibility will vary.

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IELTS Exam Syllabus 2022
IELTS Exam Syllabus 2022

Types of IELTS test Format

There are two IELTS exam categories: Academic and General Training. The reading, writing, listening, and speaking components of a person’s English language proficiency are evaluated by the IELTS Academic and General Training Test.

IELTS Academic Test

Those who choose to study in countries where the fundamental language of higher education is English can go for IELTS Academic test.

IELTS General Test

It is preferred by people who want to immigrate to selected countries for work purposes.

IELTS Exam Syllabus and pattern

IELTS test is divided into four modules of reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Although there are two types of IELTS tests available, still there is not much difference in their exam syllabus and pattern. Both academic and general differ basically in the writing and reading section.

Below is a detailed summary of the IELTS exam syllabus:

Reading Test syllabus:

IELTS reading test is consist of three general texts on a topic relevant to candidates. While the source of the topic differs based on the choice of test. The academic reading section is based on academic sources whereas the general reading questions are based on topics of daily lives or multicultural English-speaking society. The test syllabus for both sections is consist of three passages of different lengths. However, the candidate has to attend to 40 questions related to the passage in 60 minutes.

Listening Test syllabus:

The listening section for both academic and general IELTS is the same. A test taker has to listen to 4 audios and then answer the 40 questions. The test includes multiple choice type questions, matching, plan, map, diagram labeling, summary completion, and sentence completion. There is a time limit of 40 minutes.

Writing Test syllabus:

The writing section of IELTS is different from the academic and general tests.

IELTS Academic Writing Syllabus:

Academic writing includes two writing tasks. Task 1 contains bars, graphs, flowcharts, diagrams, tables, and more infographics. While candidates need to write a response of 150 words. Whereas task 2 is a formal essay writing task of around 250 words.

IELTS General Writing Syllabus:

The general writing section of IELTS is less complicated in comparison to the academic writing section. In task 1 candidates need to write a formal, semi-formal, or informal letter on the topic given. Whereas task 2 is consist of writing an essay of 250 words likewise an academic section.

Speaking Test syllabus

IELTS speaking test is similar for both academic and general. While there are three sections of the IELTS speaking test. Part 1 includes the general introduction of the candidate including the details about family and work. In the second part of the test, the examiner asks the candidate some questions randomly. In the last part, a monolog is delivered on the topic given. Time of 1 minute is given to writing a rough idea on paper and pen provided by the examiner.


If you have already given IELTS and want to check your TOEFL equivalent, you can convert your IELTS to TOEFL Score here!!


For a better understanding of the test, you must understand the IELTS exam syllabus and format of the test properly. For better preparation, you can refer to both online and offline IELTS preparation material. Online material mostly consists of official practice tests. Still, you need to be consistent with your studies and solve practice tests regularly for regular skills checks. Planned and persistent efforts will lead you to the path of success.

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