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Why Study in Germany?                  

Germany is renowned as a nation of ideas and for having top-notch educational institutions and cutting-edge technology. International students flock to Germany because of its top-notch academics. When you decide to study abroad in Germany, you will do so in institutions that provide highly esteemed degrees around the world.  Each year, thousands of students travel to Germany to pursue their education at some of the top universities in the world. For assistance, during the whole process, they prefer the best German consultancy

Indian students’ education in Germany has shown to be quite advantageous. Indian students who study abroad in Germany become part of a global elite.

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It has the greatest economy and is the member state with the most people in the European Union. In addition to having world-class universities, studying in Germany also has the following advantages:

  • Internationally renowned programs
  • Leading the way in cutting-edge technologies
  • A cost-effective education of the highest caliber
  • Academics in most colleges are offered for free (very low fees at some)
  • Possibilities to live and travel
  • The Schengen countries’ engine
  • Courses taught in English
  • The chance to travel to Europe

Best German Consultancy

Need For Study Abroad Consultant For Education In Germany

 Education advisers from outside are more needed than ever to help students enroll in German universities. As more students choose to pursue their higher education overseas, HowToAbroad, one of the top German Education Consultants for Indian Students, offers a full range of services to meet all of your academic and travel requirements. You may rely on us to assist you with your travel arrangements, flights, and visa.

Education advisers from outside are more needed than ever to help students enroll in German universities. As more students choose to pursue their higher education overseas one of the top German Education Consultants for Indian Students, offers a full range of services to meet all of your academic and travel requirements. You may rely on them to assist you with your travel arrangements, flights, and visa.

The top overseas education consulting company in India is called HowToAbroad, and it offers guidance to students who want to study in Germany. More than 10,000 Indian students have benefited from our assistance while studying overseas, and we can boast a high success record. In order to assist you in making the greatest choice for your future, our knowledgeable counselors offer impartial, unbiased guidance if you need the help of the best consultancy for study in Germany.

Requirements Fulfilled by Consultant For Education In Germany

You may be confident that by working with international education experts, you will receive guidance in selecting the German university that is most appropriate for your academic objectives. The university of their choosing must be chosen before students can study abroad in Germany. The entrance requirements must be followed, thus students must make sure to log onto the university’s official website.

A statement of purpose (SOP) and/or recommendation letters are also required by several universities in Germany along with an entrance qualification, copies of all school exam results, proof of English language competency, and valid identification.

Education Cost  For Study Abroad in Germany

The price of studying abroad in Germany varies from university to university based on the caliber of the institution and the city in which it is located. In Germany, master’s degrees can cost up to €20,000 per year at public universities and about €30,000 at private ones.

Tuition-free institutions include the University of Münster, Goethe University Frankfurt, and the University of Cologne. However, there can be administrative charges. You can avoid problems by getting the finest advice on education costs from a HowToAbroad consultant who specializes in helping students study abroad in Germany. The costs of lodging and other expenses must also be considered by students.

You can avoid problems by getting the finest advice on education costs from a consultant who specializes in helping students study abroad in Germany. The costs of lodging and other expenses must also be considered by students.

Scholarships to study in Germany

International students wishing to pursue higher education in Germany who are unable to pay the tuition costs are offered a variety of scholarships by Germany. The most well-known grants for higher education in Germany that are funded by governmental or non-governmental organizations are listed below.

  • DAAD scholarship
  • Einstein International Postdoctoral fellowship
  • Heinrich Böll Scholarships for International Students
  • Humboldt Research Fellowships for Postdoctoral Researchers 
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships
  • DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme
  • Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany
  • The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

Information regarding official scholarships is available to students through the German Academic Exchange Service. The country of origin affects the availability of scholarships. For help with scholarship applications, consult HowToAbroad, a knowledgeable study abroad adviser for Germany.

Blocked account For Students

One of the most popular countries for receiving education abroad is still Germany. While the free education system and inexpensive living are incredibly astounding opportunities for students around the world, expanding one’s horizons is a crucial element that makes it even more alluring. For the master’s program, the majority of people think about applying to foreign universities, and when it comes to traveling abroad, Europe stands out as the most practical option. International students should prepare all of their documentation in advance regardless of where they travel in Europe. Candidates must meet a specific set of conditions in order to be admitted and granted a student visa in Germany. The blocked account is one of the prerequisites.

To begin the process of having your accounts frozen as soon as feasible, you should prepare all of your documentation before being admitted to study in Germany. To assist you accurately with the process, make sure to engage the services of a knowledgeable best online education consultant like HowToAbroad. Deciding to study in Germany can be a brave one, but once the formalities are over, it will all be worth it. Enjoy your time in Germany as you pursue a Master’s degree!


HowToAbroad is a global education advisor with a focus on studying abroad in Germany. Our goal is to advance in the study abroad education industry by improving the services we offer to students who want to pursue their ambitions of studying abroad. For students who have the ambition to study abroad, our team is committed to investigating different study abroad opportunities. We are experts in education in Germany, and we soon plan to spread our services internationally.

We can address the exact needs of students since we are supported by a team of trained professionals. With our extensive expertise and experience, we give students the finest possible study alternatives based on their previous qualifications and other crucial aspects such as area of interest, academic grades, and budget. As a client-centric firm, we believe in building long-term relationships with our students to ensure their satisfaction with our educational services. Aside from that, we collect feedback from our enrolled students to learn about their experiences and our areas of deprivation.

Why Choose HowToAbroad?

We assist students who are willing to study in Germany for free.

You would be making the best choice if you chose us to help you shape your career as opposed to other consulting firms in India because we offer you free information about studying in Germany on our websites, and if you are still not satisfied, you can contact us directly for more help. This is why we are regarded as the best overseas education consultants in India. Along with working diligently, we also draw on logical wisdom that points in the direction of achievement. One can readily rely on our services because our organization upholds moral business standards.

HowToAbroad is famous for its sector knowledge and comprehensive support. For German students interested in studying abroad, we highly recommend using our consulting services.

Preparation for Globally Standardized Tests
  • Individualized Therapy Sessions
  • Advice on Choosing the Most Appropriate University
  • Advice for Financial Aid and Application Preparation
  • Visa counseling and intensive interview preparation
  • Preparation and orientation for departure

For students, Germany offers three different types of visas.

The German Student Visa is available to foreign students who have been accepted to a full-time program at a German university. German Student Applicant Visa: foreign students who must physically visit the university to submit an admissions application.

Students who wish to study German may apply for a German language course visa. The usual visa requirements and application procedures are in place. Choose to heed the tips of highly qualified online consulting services in India HowToAbroad advisers while applying for your visa for a pleasant and error-free trip.

We assist in career counseling, course selection, university selection, recommendation, financial support, foreign exchange assistance, pre-departure guidance, and housing to Indian students.

We aim to give all the necessary information to Indian students in a concise manner through our website for FREE. Once students come to us, there is no reason for them to go elsewhere because all of their needs are met in a professional, efficient, and ethical manner.

How does HowToAbroad assist you?


Counseling is the first step. Studying abroad is a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. As a result, students must think carefully before deciding to follow one subject over another. While there are several professional alternatives available, they can be overwhelming and cause uncertainty and concern in both the parents and their child. Add to that the well-intended advice of family and friends… That is why our qualified and experienced counselors will meet with you to understand and define your desires, allowing you to select a curriculum that properly matches your objectives.

We assist you in understanding the market condition and how it will affect your program and education selection. Understanding the market is critical to the curriculum you ultimately choose, as it will give you insights into what may be available after you finish your education and are ready to enter the workforce. While most students do not think about this while choosing a degree, we link students to market possibilities based on their interests and ambitions. After completing their school, they will be industry-ready. Every student is essential to us, and we devote equal time and attention to each of them.

Identifying Universities

Each university offers a unique experience in terms of instructional methods, faculty options, facilities, and other factors. Choosing a university that best meets your goals and resources is vital even if all colleges have programs and facilities that are comparable to industry standards. Finding the right institution and course for the student requires knowledge and expertise to make sure that both are compatible with one another. It is not like playing tic-tac-toe while choosing a school.

After we have a better grasp of your interests and aims, HowToAbroad.com will assist you in making a selection of institutions that will give you the education you need to achieve your goals. HowToAbroad is the reputable, effective, and knowledgeable education adviser for Foreign Education, Study Abroad, and free study in Germany and Europe. We offer personal advice to every student who wants to pursue higher education in Germany, and we place them in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, MBA programs, and MD/MS programs. HowToAbroad, the most trustworthy and best German consultancy, boldly declares that we may be a guiding light on your path to success.

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