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Information Technology Ausbildung in Germany

Information Technology Ausbildung in Germany

Consider enrolling in an Ausbildung program as an IT specialist if you desire to work in the field of IT. Information Technology at Ausbuildung in Germany has various programs and all the programs are specialized to a particular industrial specialization. Each program lasts three years on average and combines classroom instruction with hands-on training. The most well-known IT training programs include:

  • IIT Specialist for System Integration
  • IT Specialist for Application Development
  • IT System Administrator Web Developer
  • Data Analyst

Understanding Information Technology Ausbildung in Germany

1. What is Information Technology Ausbildung?

Ausbildung is a form of vocational training or apprenticeship where a student attends school and works simultaneously and the IT Ausbildung program in Germany gives you the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to succeed in a variety of IT positions.

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2. Requirements for Information Technology Ausbildung

  • Good mathematical and logical skills, which are necessary for the creation and use of IT systems.
  • For the creation of software programs, solid programming language, and development environment expertise are required.
  • Skills in analysis and problem-solving are crucial for locating and fixing issues with IT systems.
  • Communication abilities are crucial for working with clients and coworkers.
  • Flexibility and a will to learn are essential because the IT sector is dynamic and constantly evolving, necessary for ongoing training.
  • The ability to collaborate with others in a team is necessary for employment in the IT sector.
  • Time-management abilities that aid in successfully finishing chores and projects.
  • Must speak German at least at level B1 at the beginning of the training. However, you can apply already when you have an A2 command of German

Duration & Modules covered in Ausbildung IT

Depending on the job, an apprenticeship in Germany lasts between 3-4 years. It can be shorter if you already possess the necessary credentials for the job. Over the course of these three years, apprentices undergo a structured learning program designed to impart theoretical knowledge and practical skills across different areas of information technology. Here is an overview, highlighting the key topics and skills apprentices acquire throughout their training journey.

First year Apprenticeship

Second year Apprenticeship

Third year Apprenticeship

  • On-the-job organizational skills and relevant work techniques are utilized.
  • They utilize their knowledge of the foundations and structures of IT systems.
  • They install and configure software and applications.
  • They possess specialized English skills, such as for software and hardware documentation.
  • They develop and provide IT systems.
  • They analyze customer requests to offer proposals and solutions.
  • They document technical conditions.
  • They ensure IT security, data privacy, and copyright compliance.
  • They evaluate public services and networks, such as landlines or wireless networks like 5G.
  • They perform accounting and controlling activities, such as calculating expenses for IT projects.
  • They supervise IT systems and ensure IT security.
  • They select and utilize the appropriate programming language.
  • They conduct in-depth work on all content, including expanding programs using application languages.

Average Salary in Ausbildung Training

During an Ausbildung training in Germany, apprentices typically receive compensation in the form of a salary, which increases gradually as they progress through the program.

Duration of Apprentice
Average Salary
1st year € 975-1050
2nd year € 1030-1130
3rd year € 1100-1200

Additionally, apprenticeships often include other benefits such as social security contributions and paid leave, making them an attractive option for individuals seeking hands-on training in their chosen field while earning a living wage.

Pathways to Becoming an IT Specialist

1. Research Ausbildung

Explore the various Ausbildung programs related to IT, such as “Fachinformatiker” (IT specialist), offered by vocational training providers, vocational schools (Berufsschulen), or companies. Consider factors like program duration, specialization options, and training provider reputation.

2. Find Ausbildung Positions

Look for companies that offer Ausbildung positions in IT. You can accomplish this by searching job portals, visiting company websites, or directly contacting the local employment agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit).). Companies often advertise their Ausbildung opportunities, and you can apply directly to them.

3. Application and Selection Process

Prepare your application documents, including your CV, educational certificates, and a well-written cover letter. Some companies may require additional documents or conduct aptitude tests. If the company selects you, they may invite you for interviews or assessment centers to evaluate your suitability for the Ausbildung position. you will sign an Ausbildungsvertrag (training contract) with them. This contract outlines the terms and conditions of your vocational training, including the duration, training content, and compensation.

4. Theoretical and Practical Training

During your Ausbildung, you will undergo a combination of theoretical instruction at a vocational school and also practical training at the company. The duration of the Ausbildung program can vary, typically ranging from two to three and a half years.

5. Exams and Certifications

Throughout the Ausbildung, you will be assessed through regular exams and practical assignments. Successful completion of these assessments leads to recognized vocational qualifications, such as the “Fachinformatiker” certificate.

6. Career Advancement

After completing your Ausbildung, you can explore various career paths. You may continue working for the company that provided your training, seek employment at another company, or consider further educational opportunities, such as pursuing higher education in IT or specialized certifications.

Remember, specific details and requirements can vary based on the program, training provider, and company. It’s essential to thoroughly research Ausbildung opportunities, review individual program requirements, and follow the application procedures outlined by the respective training providers or companies.

Companies Providing Ausbildung (Apprenticeship) in IT

There are numerous companies and educational institutions across the country actively participate in providing Ausbildung programs tailored to IT enthusiasts. They offer a unique blend of theoretical education and practical training, equipping apprentices with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the dynamic IT industry. Among the notable companies offering Ausbildung in IT are:

These organizations, along with many others, collaborate with vocational schools and training centers to deliver comprehensive Ausbildung experiences that prepare apprentices for promising careers in IT.


Pursuing an Ausbildung program in Information Technology in Germany can provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the IT field. These programs specialize in various industrial specializations and typically last around three years. The most popular IT training programs include IT Specialist for System Integration, IT Specialist for Application Development, IT System Administrator, Web Developer, and Data Analyst.

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