Language Schools in Germany to Learn German

Language Schools in Germany to Learn German

Your ability to communicate in German will have a big impact on your study abroad experience there. You will take part in conversations and lectures at university, where your capacity to comprehend what is being said and openly voice your viewpoints is crucial. Here in this article we will answer all common questions and recommend some good Language Schools in Germany to learn German.

Germany provides high-quality educational alternatives for affordable or no cost. Yes, you can essentially study German for free in Germany. German language courses continue to be a quick and efficient way to improve your German language knowledge. German language schools and colleges provide a wide variety of intense courses, whether you know the language at an intermediate or advanced level. If you haven’t taken such a course in your home country, don’t worry; there are countless Language Schools in Germany to Learn German.

Language Schools in Germany to Learn German
Language Schools in Germany to Learn German

Why learn the German language?

    • The majority of native Europeans speak German, which is one of the three official languages of the European Union.
    • Learning German opens up a wide range of business opportunities because Germany has Europe’s largest economy.
    • The key to a top-notch university education is German.
    • Your study abroad experience will be made much easier if you can speak German.

Why study the German Language in Germany?

  • There is no better place to learn German than Germany! With over 100 million German speakers, the country lives and breathes the language, not to mention it is the birthplace of the language!
  • It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world; in addition to Germany, it is the official language of Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.
  • Learning German opens the door to higher education in Germany. Many courses in Germany’s public universities are taught in the country’s official language, and proficiency in the language is frequently required.
  • Knowing the language also qualifies you for a number of scholarships in Germany.
  • It qualifies you for bachelor’s degrees in modern languages, German literature, and language courses at prestigious public universities.
  • Finally, if you have a strong command of the language, you will have an easier time finding work in the country and even obtaining permanent residency.
  • You can also choose from a variety of other languages, such as Spanish, French, and Italian language programs, in addition to German language courses.

Top Language Schools in Germany to Learn German

You can study German almost everywhere. There are many language schools to select from in all major cities, and many smaller towns also have one or two language schools where you can learn. The following institutions provide German language courses for recent graduates, postgraduates, and working professionals:

    • Humboldt-Institut, Berlin
    • (Die Neue Schule- Sprachschule Berlin) The New School – Language School Berlin
    • ALPADIA, Berlin
    • F+U Academy of Languages, Berlin
    • Die DeutSCHule, Berlin
    • The Middlebury School
    • GLS Campus Berlin
    • University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)
    • Dil lingua, Munich
    • Anda Sprachschule, Berlin
    • German Academy Language School or DeutschAkademie, Hamburg
    • Goethe-Institut, Hamburg
    • DeutschAkademie, Munich/Frankfurt
    • Institute for International Education of Students Abroad (IES)
    • Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

Top Universities for Language Courses in Germany

The top universities offering language courses at no or affordable cost are listed below:

How much does it cost to enroll in a Language school in Germany?

Fees for your German language course will be determined by factors such as the course provider, the course you choose, and any personal adjustments you request. German language schools tend to be modest, private establishments. The cost is also determined by the course you select and the number of weeks you wish to study. If you choose to take a language center course at the university, you will not be charged any fees. Private German language schools, on the other hand, charge varying fees. Your average weekly cost will decrease the longer you take a language course. As an illustration, a reputable German language school charges tuition of 150 Euros for a week of their regular course with 20 classes per week and 1040 Euros (130 Euros/week) for eight weeks of the same course.

German language courses scholarships

In Germany, there are various university scholarships available for language studies:

    • DAAD Scholarship for Summer Sessions at Universities
    • Free State of Bavaria summer school subsidies for Czech students taking German language courses in Bavaria
    • Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency, etc.

How can you apply to a Language school in Germany?

    • Find a suitable language school in Germany
    • Choose the start date and length of your course
    • Fill out an application form
    • Pay for your course(if there are any tuition fees)
    • Get a Language visa (This German study visa is for those planning to pursue a German language course in Germany)

How long it takes to complete a German language course?

Depending on the course provider and the level of German you wish to prepare for, the instruction typically lasts 4 to 8 weeks. You should be able to complete the course before the stated end date if you study quickly and have a basic understanding of the German language.

But by this point, you’ve undoubtedly recognized that learning German is really a game-changer. There are all the courses that make learning German in Germany affordable and simple. In addition, you’ll undoubtedly develop some truly wonderful friendships while traveling, as you’ll be able to connect better. Want to study in Germany? Register for a free one-to-one consultation with us, and we’ll support you throughout the admissions process.

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