MBA in India vs Germany: Everything You Need to Know

MBA in India vs Germany: Everything You Need to Know

As the trend of people going crazy for business studies is increasing many students are still in a dilemma to choose the best college for them. When it comes to quality education at low cost, Germany is quite famous among students. Whereas India is quite popular among students for its top-class institutes like IIM. Sometimes students get very confused while going for a master’s program as they always try to compare MBA in India vs Germany. 


Difference between MBA in India vs Germany

Germany and India have a lot of things different in their education systems. There are many more factors in which education in both countries differs. While some of these differences are:

Factor India Germany
Tuition fee 20,000 to 8,50,000 INR/ year is generally charged by the universities in India there There are certain public universities that don’t charge tuition fees, but others do. Private universities do charge  18,138 to 44,913 Euros/year. 
Accommodation Fee In India, you can easily get accommodation under 7000 INR/ month Residence halls are around 170-200 euros/month Whereas Private may cost around 400+ Euros/month
Cost of Living India generally costs around 8000 INR to 16000 INR per month Usually cost around 800- 1000 Euros/month
Salary After MBA in India, you can expect a salary of around  2.5 lakhs to 14+ lakhs per annum After MBA from Germany, you can expect a salary of around rupees 46,800-95,000Euros/year

Basic Comparision between Indian MBA and German MBA

Despite being a similar courses there are a lot of differences in the education pattern of both countries. Some of the basic differences in the course are:

Basis of Comparison MBA in India MBA in Germany
Course Duration 2 years 1-2 years
Study Duration Full-time Full-time, part-time, online
Specializations Finance, Marketing, HR, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Supply Chain, Healthcare, etc. Finance, International Management, Entrepreneurship, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, International Tourism Management, Information Systems, Global Management etc.
Teaching Method Focuses on the theoretical aspect. Focuses on the theoretical aspect along with practical training and exposure.

If you have ever gone through a situation where you needed to think about choosing MBA in India vs Germany, then you must know that the education system is different. While both education systems have some pros and cons you need to carefully check your benefits. Both countries have rich cultures and histories. Look at all the aspects as you go about choosing a particular country.

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