Northern Institute of Technology Management

Northern Institute of Technology Management

About the University

The Northern Institute of Technology Management is an educational organization established in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded by 40 professors of the Hamburg University of Technology in 1998. It was first founded with the name “Northern Institute of Technology“, which was continued with the addition of “Management“ in December 2007.  The maxim of the establishment is “BE THE CHANGE”. It offers an English-language master’s program in Technology Management (M.A. and MBA) as well as various expert training courses and seminars.

Northern Institute of Technology Management
Northern Institute of Technology Management

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Overall Ranking

According to current analysis, the institute has a good ranking at 1159 of 14,160 in the world, 420 of 2,789 in Europe, 63 of 370 in Germany, 2 of 18 in Hamburg State, 2 of 18 in Hamburg city, 164 of 1,015 in Product & Industrial Design, and top 50% in 38 topics.


Courses offered- Northern Institute of Technology Management

Study programs offered by the institute are:-

Jobs and internships- Northern Institute of Technology Management

Students can choose to work to support themselves financially. Either they can work in University as a HiWi or can opt to work in the outside market. There are many opportunities available to work part-time or full-time according to students’ preferences. They can work in nearby stores, shops, and call centers. Openings in the companies like Epos Software & Service AG, Robert Half, and many more can be easily searched through online portals.

House and accommodation- Northern Institute of Technology Management

Students can apply at students’ residences for on-campus accommodation or can choose to live in private accommodation. Accommodation is available near the institute very easily. Students can choose to live in single or shared apartments or rooms according to their preferences. The average amount of rent is around  300-500 EUR/month (varies according to distinct places).

Cost of living

Expenses of living depend entirely upon the lifestyle of students and the place student choose to live. The average cost of living is around 800 EUR/month which includes all the basic needs such as rent, food (around 150-200 EUR/month), clothing, and health insurance and medicines (around 100-110 EUR/month).

Places to visit near the University

Some famous places to visit in Hamburg are:-

  • Speicherstadt- It is the largest warehouse area in the world where the structures stand on timber-pile posts, oak logs, located in the port of Hamburg.
  • Hamburg Port- It is a dock on the river Elbe in Hamburg, Germany known as Germany’s “Gateway to the World”, it is the country’s largest seaport by volume.
  • Rickmer Rickmers- It is a three-masted ship that stands tall with an interesting history.
    Kunsthalle Hamburg- It is a top-notch art gallery that houses altarpieces, paintings, and contemporary art collections by artists of the 16th and 17th centuries.
  • Jenisch Haus- It is a 19th-century museum that portrays the neoclassical form of art, and is a perfect example of the Hanseatic lifestyle.

International Engineers, scientists, and graduates of business-related studies complete the program at the NIT and learn to master administration and management tasks with responsibility and sustainability. With competency from science, research, and practice the NIT builds the bridge between study and further education up to and including process support for companies.

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