Packing List for International Students Going to Germany

Packing List for International Students Going to Germany

Being an international student makes it challenging to transport all of the required items overseas. Students in particular often travel alone while hauling hundreds of items, which makes it difficult for them to transport everything to Germany.

Additionally, you are only permitted to carry a maximum of two bags, each weighing 23 kg (50 pounds), on international flights. Depending on the flights you choose to take, students traveling for the first time receive a discount on tickets or on the weight of the luggage. Below is the packing list for international students traveling to Germany in order to make these decisions easier for you.

Packing List for International Students Going to Germany
Packing List for International Students Going to Germany

Primary list (Documents)

Documents are very important during a stay in a different country. You are going to need your documents at the airport and further in your universities. The must-have documents are:

✓ Valid passport with your student visa

✓ Air ticket

✓ Admission letter from the university

✓ All financial documentation(block account) you will require to submit to the university or immigration authorities.

✓ All original certificates and other important documents

✓ Detailed directions to your university or accommodations

✓ Vaccination certificate

Travel insurance

Food items

You must ensure that you bring enough food for the initial 3 to 4 days because the location will be unfamiliar to you and the stores might not be within easy access. Ensure that the products you bring are small in quantity and don’t exceed your permitted weight. Food items like:

✓ Spices (Red chili, Turmeric, Coriander powder, etc)

✓ Masalas (Sambhar masala, Rasam masala etc)

✓ Pickle

✓ Tea/ coffee packets

✓ Milk powder packets

✓ Jaggery/ Sugar

✓ Dry fruits

✓ Rice & other food items (For the initial few days till u settle down)

✓ Instant food (maggie)


It’s not necessary to carry bulky utensils as they may take up additional space in your luggage. Small kitchenware will be enough for each person to carry. Before you pack your baggage, check some of the following items:

✓ Pressure cooker (with induction base)

✓ Safety valves

✓ Portable Mixer (Not a must)

✓ Pan 

✓ Roller (For rolling chapatti)

✓ Vegetable cutter (optional)


We need to be careful about what we bring since this weight of your toiletry makes up a significant portion of your luggage. To reduce the weight of your luggage, here are the items that are most crucial for you to pack in your toiletry bag:

✓ Toothpaste

✓ Toothbrush

✓ Bathing soap

✓ Hair oil/Gel

✓ Shampoo

✓ Sanitary napkins

✓ Nail clipper

✓ Shaving kit

✓ Small roll of toilet paper

✓ Perfumes(small)

Health items

Carrying a set of basic medical supplies is more than required because you never know what will happen when you’re away from home. Normally, if you are looking forward to studying in Germany, don’t forget to include the following first aid goods on your packing list as medications are not permitted without a prescription:

✓ First aid box

✓ Prescribed Medicines

✓ Vitamin D tablets(high priority)

✓ Thermometer

✓ Antiseptics 

✓ Vicks & Inhaler

✓ Band-aids

✓ Hot water bag

✓ Skincare products


Your baggage will take more space if you include clothes, so choose carefully what to pack. We advise you to strike a balance between your preferred attire and the clothing you must wear. The quantity of each type of clothing is entirely up to you, but the ideal amount is 2- 3 for outside wear and 5- 6 for inside wear. A large collection of winter clothing should be avoided as it takes up a lot of room in your luggage. Therefore, the following is included in the preferred list of clothing types:

✓ Jacket

✓ Sweater

✓ Thermals

✓ Neck Shawl

✓ Woollen Socks & Gloves

✓ Formal & casual clothes/dresses

✓ Shorts & Nightwear

✓ Inner-wears

✓ Bath Towel

✓ Small Hand Towel

✓ Hand Kerchiefs

✓ Festive Costumes


You must now save some space for devices, which you will need both when traveling and while visiting Germany. Electronics are always vital things, but we can’t afford to bring a lot of them, therefore here are the ones that we really must have:

✓ Laptop with complete accessories if any

✓ Phone

✓ Power bank

✓ Digital camera

✓ Electrical Socket (See image below)

✓ Headphones

✓ Mobile, Charger, Ear Phones

✓ Tablet


Electrical socket
Electrical socket


You must reserve some space for the extra stuff you’ll need for travel and your time in Germany. This may differ based on individual tastes, but often it comprises typical everyday things, as seen below:

✓ Luggage lock

✓ Theft-proof backpack 

✓ A neck or belt wallet 

✓ Bed Sheet

✓ Small Lock & Key

✓ Pocket Size Dictionary (German To English & English To German)

✓ Passport size photos – 20 Copies 

✓ Needle & Sewing thread

✓ Comb

✓ Scissor

✓ Neck pillow

Before departing for your new location, you will undoubtedly need to pack a lot of items, but you also need to prepare carefully to ensure that your study trip is both enjoyable and comfortable. The packing list for international students traveling to Germany is provided above. Therefore, you are not required to purchase them again in Germany as they can cost you more than you anticipated. So gather all of your possessions, and go safely and with enjoyment!!

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