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Packing List for International Students Going to Germany

Packing List for International Students Going to Germany

About Packing List for International Students Going to Germany

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the packing list for international students going to Germany. Since we know, once you leave, you habituate be suitable to return home to take effects again. We do not want you to miss anything importantSo, we’re going to list all the important things that you need or would need in Germany to study and live there.

Packing List for International Students Going to Germany
Packing List for International Students Going to Germany

There are four particular things you need to pack, they are:

Personal Documents

Documents are very important during a stay in a different country. You are going to need your docs at the airport and further in your universities. The must-have documents are:

Valid Passport Flight ticket
Visa Travel Insurance 
ID  University’s Admission Letter
Proof of Language proficiency Birth Certificate 


The toiletries are a huge part of the weight of your baggage, so we need to take care of what things are we taking. These are the most important things you need to include in your toiletries bag, to keep the weight of your baggage to a minimum:

Toothpaste/ Toothbrush Wet wipes/ Tissues/ Toilet Paper 
Deodorants/ Perfumes  Hair care products 
Shaving kit/ Trimmer/ Nail clippers   Skin/ body care products 


Clothes will enthrall further space in your luggage, thus, you need to be wise about what to put in. We encourage you to find a balance between your preferential wearing style and the clothes you need anyway. The quantum of clothes of each kind is completely upon you, but the preferential number is 2- 3 of the outside wears, and 5- 6 house wears. So the preferential list of the different types of clothes includes the following:

Formal Dresses  Raincoat/ Gum boots 
Festive Costumes  Shoes/ Socks/ Gloves 
Casual wear (summer/winter)  Undergarments

Health items

You never know what’s going to happen far from home so, carrying a set of basic health items is more than necessary. Typically, if you are looking forward to studying in Germany, don’t forget to add to your packing list the following first aid items:

Gauze  Prescription medicines 
Thermometer  Vitamin tablets 
Antiseptics  Painkillers 
Insect repellent  Sunburn Creams 

Additional Items

You must save some space for additional items you’re going to need while traveling and during your stay in Germany. This may vary according to personal preferences, but usually, it includes common daily items, as shown below:

Phone  Electric plug converters 
Charger/ battery backup  E-book reader 
Laptop  A small German dictionary 
Laptop Charger  Headphones/ Earphones 

Items for a Safer Trip

Germany is a relatively safe country, but as they say “Precaution is better than cure”. You can pack many particulars that will make you and your things safer. These particulars may include:

A neck or belt wallet 
Theft-proof backpack 
Luggage lock 

You definitely need loads of things to pack before leaving for your new destination, but of course you need to make smart choices while packing to make your study trip super good and comfortable. Above we have got a list of some essentials which you are going to need so you don’t have to buy them in Germany, as it may cost you more than what you expect. So pack up all your belongings and have a safe and memorable journey!!

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So, this is the preferential packing list for your visit to Germany. For more information on studying in Germany, contact us on HowtoAbroad.

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