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Scholarships for MBA in Germany for Indian Students

Scholarships for MBA in Germany for Indian Students

Many of the top universities in the world are located in Germany. The population of international students has rapidly increased. The costs associated with studying in Germany can appear to be a great burden. There are many Scholarships for MBA in Germany for Indian students available. These scholarships greatly reduce the cost and also pay for living expenses. Let us more about them:

Scholarships for MBA in Germany for Indian Students
Scholarships for MBA in Germany for Indian Students

In Germany, there are three different types of scholarships available for Indian students. Let us talk about them one by one.

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    1. Government-funded German scholarships for Indian Students
    2. Non-government scholarship in Germany for Indian students
    3. University-specific German scholarships for Indian students
  • Government-funded German scholarship for Indian students

For Indian students, there is only one government-sponsored scholarship available: the DAAD Scholarship. Your best chance to attend an MBA program in Germany on a full scholarship may be a DAAD scholarship. The government offers a fully financed scholarship to international students who wish to pursue an MBA, master’s, LLB, and Ph.D. program without regard to their chosen field of study. The following are the features of DAAD scholarship:

    1. Provided as a short-term three-month internship at German public universities.
    2. It covers health, personal liability, accident insurance, and living and travel subsidies.
  • Non-government scholarships for Indian students

There are two non-government-funded scholarships available for Indian students:

1. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship:

This scholarship is open to graduates of Bachelor’s or Master’s programs who wish to pursue further education in Germany. The following are the features of the scholarship:

    • An excellent academic record and political interest are plusses to avail of this scholarship.
    • Students from diverse under-development countries are given higher preference, and the scholarship amount fluctuates.
    • This award pays students enrolled in Ph.D., Master’s, and postgraduate studies a monthly stipend.

2. Heinrich Boll Scholarship:

The award is open to students who have passed the admission exams for their chosen universities. The characteristics of the scholarship are as follows:

    • One may decide to enroll in Masters or Ph.D. programs in Germany.
    • Under the terms of this scholarship program, a monthly allowance, as well as some additional funds, are given.
    • Under this scheme, tuition costs and a monthly travel stipend are extra benefits.

University-based Scholarships for MBA in Germany for Indian students:

For Indian students, there are four university-based scholarships offered:

1. Kofi Annan MBA

The recipients of this scholarship must be aspiring leaders from developing countries. The Kofi Annan MBA has the following characteristics:

    • This scholarship program is open to students who completed their undergraduate degrees with strong academic records and strong English Level Proficiency (ELP) scores.
    • More preference is given to students who have a genuine desire to contribute to the development of their own country.
    • Under this program, all tuition costs for the MIM and MBA are covered.
    • This scholarship also covers housing, insurance, networking, and travel expenses.

2. ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarship

The benefits of this scholarship are only available to female applicants for MBA programs at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT).

    • Candidates are eligible for this program if their GMAT score is at least 700.
    • The essays submitted with applications are carefully and thoroughly checked.

3. Goethe Goes Global Scholarships

Students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees are eligible to apply for this program. The characteristics of this scholarship are given below:

    • It seeks to advance students’ professional development for the Master’s program.
    • Each year, 20 overseas students are given the grant.
    • This scholarship program offers a monthly stipend.

4. WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management

One of the top management schools in Germany is WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management. The characteristics of this scholarship are below:

    • A scholarship program from the top business school in Germany
    • It is provided to overseas students enrolled in this university’s MBA program.
    • This grant is open to candidates having undergraduate completion certificates.
    • For eligibility requirements, passing the English language competency test is a requirement. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and International English Language Test System (IELTS) are the two most commonly used and widely accepted English language proficiency tests. 
    • The scholarship amount varies depending on the subject, and it pays for the entire cost of the studies.

Numerous Scholarships for MBA in Germany are available. We hope this article has given you more knowledge regarding the available scholarships. Choose the scholarship which is suits you the best. And check the scholarships available in your dream colleges. For any further queries or information, you can contact us.

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