Student Discounts in Germany: Everything you need to know

Student Discounts in Germany: Everything you need to know

Life as a student studying abroad can quickly become incredibly expensive. But don’t be concerned because you’re a student. Saving money as a student is essential, and it’s easier than you think. Student discounts in Germany are offered by brands, stores, restaurants, and other organizations.

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It’s a common thing, but it’s not always well-publicized. The article Student Discounts in Germany: Everything you need to know will walk you through the best places where you can save hundreds of euros in Germany.

Student discounts in Germany Everything you need to know
Student discounts in Germany Everything you need to know

How do you get student discounts in Germany?

Your student ID card proves that you are eligible for student discounts, it is best to keep it with you at all times. If you plan to study abroad, your regular student ID may not be accepted, so you should obtain an International Student Identity Card. This card entitles you to discounts on a variety of accommodations, transportation, attractions, and stores.

Finally, if there isn’t a sign indicating a student discount, ask anyway. Student discounts in Germany are available for almost everything such as transportation, movies, events, museums, food, applications, banks, online shopping, and so on. Some organizations will have their student cards or apps you’ll need to use. You only need your student ID to take advantage of these student discounts.

You can get the best Student Discounts in:-


Visit the website of your preferred mode of transportation. In most cases, there are special fares for students that are significantly less expensive than regular fares. The semester ticket itself is sometimes a reason why people study in Germany. For instance, if you intend to frequently use the services of Deutsche Bahn.


There are three options: Bahn Card 25, Bahn Card 50, and Bahn Card 100, with which you can get a 25% discount, a 50% discount, and unlimited travel. This card allows you to purchase discounted tickets all year long, and there is a special price for those under the age of 27. Aside from that, you should consider downloading the DB Mitfahrer App. It enables you to find the right passengers to travel with quickly and easily – and save a lot of money by purchasing a group ticket. Traveling by the following modes of transportation in Germany is also a much cheaper option.

      1. Flixbus: One of the biggest long-distance bus carriers, Flixbus offers over 100,000 daily connections to 20 different countries. There are no specific student discounts, but their early bird prices and group rates for groups of three can easily outperform any deal.
      2. Eurolines: On a number of its international bus lines, students can save up to 20% (from Germany to other European countries). The ISIC card or a valid student ID card are the only requirements.
Mobile phone Connection:

The cost of mobile connection in Germany is yet another factor. Free SIM card options are available from providers like O2 and Vodafone and a student discount of around 10% on plans. Normally, it’s completely free, although certain businesses may impose a one-time fee. Also, you can choose the service provider’s “Younge Leute” plan if you want to use a postpaid connection and want to reduce the cost of your subscription. However, prepaid plans are far less expensive if you do not want a lot of Talktime or data usage.

Food, Clothes & Other Necessities:

Affordable grocery shopping in Germany is best done at discount stores like Aldi, Lidl, and Netto. Look closely at the current deals. You’ll be able to save a few euros that way. Ink cartridges, staplers, and other necessities may frequently be purchased for less at stores close to your college or university. On specific days, some barbershops and hair salons give discounts to students.

By purchasing a student subscription, you can get your preferred publications at a low cost. Upon paying a nominal membership fee, you can be eligible for additional savings if you join a society. Even financial services can be less expensive. Clothing brands like Levi’s, Addidas, RayBan, and Calvin Klein offer student discounts of around 10-20%. You can check these discounts at top websites like myunidays.


You could occasionally need a more expensive item than your current financial condition permits. You are already aware of the benefits if you are familiar with Microsoft’s Dreamspark. Microsoft and other universities have partnered to offer students free software. You can check what software is listed in your university’s catalog. Asos, Apple, OnePlus, Topshop, Samsung, Huawei, EE, Burton, Levi’s, ASOS, Express, Apple, Hollister NordVPN, Timberland, and countless other brands are among them that offer best student deals & offers.


Students can save money at museums, theatres, sporting events, and even zoos in Germany. You may always request student discounts when purchasing a ticket at theatres like CineStar and IMAX, and some theatres offer set days for student discounts. On occasion, O2 also provides Kino Tuesdays, during which you may purchase 2 tickets for the price of 1.

Even though many private gyms provide discounted pricing for students, several colleges also offer free gyms. You can also purchase discounted tickets to local sporting events with your student ID. For 25 euros, you can get a museum card that is good for one year and allows unlimited visits to all public museums. Simply request a student discount when visiting monuments or churches, even if you are traveling outside of Germany. Everywhere offers a discount of at least 1-2 euros.

      1. Urban Sports Club- A student can join the Urban Sports Club (USC) for 10 euros less each month. After purchasing one of their memberships, you only need to submit them your “Immatrikulationsbescheinigung” and they will lower your monthly charge. You can terminate your subscription at any moment, and if you sign up using this link, your third month will be discounted by 30 euros.
      2. Amazon Prime for Students- If you have a valid student email address, you can acquire a one-year free membership to Amazon Prime as a student. After it has been activated, you can cancel your membership to avoid being charged after a year. However, after the trial period, your Amazon Prime Students account will be discounted by 50%.

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Top websites and applications in Germany that provide student discounts:

    • LapStore
    • iamstudent
    • MyUnidays
    • Student Beans
    • SaveTheStudent.org
    • StudentenRabatt.de
    • Studentedge.org

Few money-saving tips for students:-

    • Cook for yourself at home. Visit the canteens at your university for additional inexpensive and delectable dining options. That is how you may get wholesome food for a fair price.
    • For some people, especially students, secondhand things are not always undesired and are occasionally a wise decision.
    • Think about obtaining a Payback Card. It is a multi-brand reward program that allows you to accumulate and use points for purchases. You may earn points on groceries, fuel, entertainment, travel, clothing, and more with a large selection of in-store and online partners. Members can accumulate points and exchange them for free shopping.
    • When you need to buy items for universities like books and calculators, use eBay Kleinanzeigen. Additionally, looking for tiny pieces of furniture and kitchen accessories for your apartment can be quite helpful.
    • The most affordable housing choice for students is almost always a university dorm. Begin your search for housing in the university residence hall. The second most popular option among students is a shared apartment. There, you live with others and split expenses like internet, TV license fees, energy, and water bills, among others.

In Germany, there are various ways to cut costs in daily living. These are just a few of the expenses you can avoid as a student. Remember, your college or university’s student ID and an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) can be really useful. We sincerely hope that this money-saving advice will enable you to get the most out of your savings. When compared to the potential savings, they are all relatively simple to implement and don’t take much effort.

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