Study in Germany vs Australia: Everything You Need to Know

Study in Germany vs Australia: Everything You Need to Know

While looking for studying abroad you may find various countries as good choices providing quality higher education. Among some greatest education systems, Germany and Australia are quite popular among students. However, students get quite confused when there is time to choose between both of these countries. If you are the one looking for a description of a study in Germany vs Australia, then you have landed in the right place. Here I will be discussing both education systems on basis of tuition fees, accommodation, work, living costs, and language requirements.

Study In Germany vs Australia
Study In Germany vs Australia

Deciding Factors for Study in Germany vs Australia

Germany and Australia both are quite popular destinations among students studying abroad. The education certificates from both countries are widely accepted and are quite reputed. Both countries are full of opportunities and have extremely good and reputed educational institutes with some of the best facilities around the globe. Some of the key differences between both the education systems are as follows:

Factor Germany Australia
Tuition Fee Public universities in Germany do not charge Tuition fees (with some Exceptions) Tuition Fee is around 9840- 22950 Euros
Accommodation Residence halls are around 170-200 euros Whereas Private may cost around 400 Euros Hostels cost around 650-800 euros
Work Can work up to 20 hours weekly with earning of average 12-15 Euros per hour Can work up to 20 hour a week with earning of average 13-17 Euros per hour
Living Costs Usually cost around 800- 1000 Euros Usually cost around 900-1100 Euros
Language Requirements Some Courses ask for German, but some are available with English English proficiency is required

There are various factors that you need to consider while concluding about study in Germany vs Australia. While both countries have their perks. Before deciding the one you need to be well aware of your educational goals and requirements. However, fund management is the most important part but not that big issue as both countries have some good scholarships for international students. While be assured that both countries will bring you some amazing experiences of studying abroad.

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