Technical University of Dortmund

Technical University of Dortmund

About the university

The Technical University of Dortmund is located in the Ruhr region of Germany, the fourth-largest urban area in Europe, and was established in 1958. The total student population is close to 34,000 with an intake of 11% as international students, making it a popular place to study in Germany.

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Technical University of Dortmund

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Overall Rankings

The renowned university has stellar ranking statistics ranging up to 526 of 14,160 in the world, 204 of 2,789 in Europe, 42 of 370 in Germany, 9 of 65 in North-Rhine Westphalia, and 1 of 3 in Dortmund. Apart from that, the university holds up a good ranking specific courses like Nuclear Physics at 68 of 1,010 and top 50% in other 76 topics.

Courses offered by the Technical University of Dortmund

With its 16 faculties, The Technical University of Dortmund is a significant hub of education in Germany. The university offers more than 190 wide ranges of degree courses. Following are the faculties in which they are offered:

Scholarship and Financial Aid

No information about this is given on University’s portal. In case of any update, data will be updated here as well.

Internships near Technical University of Dortmund

The search for an internship is great practice for the job search after studies. However, students at TU Dort­mundare not completely on their own: The International Office has tips and contacts to help students to find the right host.

Jobs near Technical University of Dortmund

Students can also do heavy jobs or can take workstream contracts also the job portal of TU Dort­mund provides job offers for students, the so-called Stellenwerk job market. Stellenwerk does not only list internship vacancies, but also job advertisements for graduates. Moreover, student jobs, or private part-time jobs like student assistant jobs, student trainee offers, offers for final theses, internships, and many more options are available. Apart from that, companies like  MacDonald’s, Burger King, Decathlon, etc. are where students can easily get jobs.

Housing and Accommodation

The student dormitories are available on-campus as well as off-campus. Students can stay in different kinds of dorms and the interior equipment and furniture may consequently vary from dorm to dorm. Moreover, most of the rooms are single rooms, and also the average rent of the room costs approximately €300-€380/month.

Cost of living

Students don’t need to pay any tuition fees but a semester fee of €300/semester is mandatory. However, all other costs need to be met. Additional living costs add up to about  €250/month which is not that high considering the population and metropolitan background of Dortmund. Students should also maintain a budget of approximately €853/month for sustainable living in the city.

CategoryExpensive City [in Euro]Average [in Euro]Small town [in Euro]Comments
Rent 500375200Depending on the location
Semester Fees350200110Per semester
Transportation000The cost of transportation is already included in the semester fees.
Public Insurance110110110Insurance does not depend on cities.
Private Insurance353535you can choose either public or private insurance.
Radio Bill18.3618.3618.36Per month
Mobile20158Mobile bill does not depend on cities. Usually it cost 8-20 euro per month
Groceries220200160Depending on your choice
Miscellaneous200150100Depending on your choice
Total [with Public Insurance]1,4181,068.36706.36Per month
Total [with Private Insurance]1,343993.63631.36Per month

Places to Visit Near Technical University of Dortmund

Dortmund is popular for its nightlife which is the reason it gets a lot of attention from youngsters. The population of about 581,612 makes Dortmund Germany’s 8th largest city. Moreover, a party lover would enjoy roaming around happening places and exploring sites. Following are a few:

  • Dortmund Zoo: The zoological garden of Dortmund is specialized in the keeping and breeding of South American species and is leading in the breeding of the giant anteater, the tamandua, and the giant otter. Situated south of the city its site students make a point to visit.
  • German Football Museum: Opened recently in 2015, the museum displays the soccer history of Germany, and football fanatics would find this place a treasure trove.
  • Westfalenpark: It’s a large public park in Dortmund and a popular destination for excursions and recreation in North Rhine-Westphalia. Students should visit this place during their downtime to get away from the hectic life a little.

In short, the Technical University of Dortmund has a special profile encompassing interdisciplinary curriculum, communication, and cooperation that is not only taught but lived and experienced. Moreover, its outstanding research achievements are both nationally and internationally recognized.

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