TestAS: Everything you need to know

TestAS: Everything you need to know

TestAS (Test für Ausländische Studierende/Test for Academic Studies) is an aptitude exam for non-EU candidates who wish to pursue undergraduate courses at a German institution. It tests cognitive talents that are very vital for a successful academic career. It does not need any specialized knowledge. However, It also does not assess any characteristics of personality, motivation, or interest. The TestAS is offered in two formats: paper-based and digital. Both versions are available three times per year.

TestAS Everything you need to know
TestAS Everything you need to know

What are the benefits of TestAS?

German universities can use TestAS as a factor for selection. As a result, they are able to recognize individuals who possess the essential intellectual qualifications for the field of study they are applying for.

Your decisions will be determined by the findings of TestAS. You will be able to analyze your prospects of finishing your studies successfully after the test in a realistic manner. Additionally, you will learn how you performed in relation to other test-takers and familiarize yourself with the normal prerequisites for the program of study you are applying for.

How is the TestAS organized?

The test is divided into several components, including:

Core Test: Measures broad cognitive abilities that are important for university courses.

Subject-specific Tests: These assess skills that are particularly important for programs in certain fields of study.

Choose from four (paper-based) or six (digital) TestAS subject-specific modules:

    • Humanities, Cultural Studies, and Social Sciences (paper-based and digital)
    • Engineering (paper-based and digital) (paper-based and digital)
    • Natural sciences, computer science, and mathematics (paper-based and digital)
    • Economics (paper-based and digital) (paper-based and digital)
    • Medicine (digital) 
    • Life Sciences (digital)

Where can I register for the TestAS?

In approved testing facilities, TestAS is available to take anywhere worldwide. Listed here is a complete list of testing locations. You should be aware that certain testing facilities only provide one exam format.

TestAS is available to people of all ages, however, it is particularly intended for candidates and students who intend to pursue a first degree in Germany. You should not take it before your final year of high school; you can take it then as well.
You can take the TestAS as many times as you’d like. Moreover, you should be aware that test does not assess knowledge and skills that may be easily acquired and improved. Instead, it evaluates rather strong cognitive skills. It is consequently improbable that you will have a much better outcome in the future.

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