University of Applied Sciences Zwickau

University of Applied Sciences Zwickau

About the University

The University of Applied Sciences Zwickau was established in 1897 as an engineering school and re-founded as the University of Applied Sciences in 1992 which was expanded to the locations of Schneeberg, Reichenbach, and Markneukirchen. The university has enrolled about 3800 students.

University of Applied Sciences Zwickau
University of Applied Sciences Zwickau

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University Ranking

According to the current analysis, the University is ranked 3192 of 14,160 in the World, 923 of 2,789 in Europe, 126 of 370 in Germany, 7 of 19 in Saxony, and 1 of 2 in Zwickau.


Courses proposed by the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau

University provides courses divided into 8 faculties:-

Jobs and internships- University of Applied Sciences Zwickau

Students can come up with a job or an internship to finance their studies or to earn some money. University career programs offer various opportunities to earn. A job fair named The Graduate and Company Contact Fair takes place once a year in the Zwickau Civic Hall which offers students information about internships, work-study jobs, training, and student jobs. Students can also get to know about vacancies in companies like Theo Förch GmbH & Co. KG, Randstad Deutschland, and many more through online portals.

House and accommodation

Students can apply for accommodation at the Student’s residences which have approx. 900 dormitory places are available for students of the University and are available at a rent price of 157-247 EUR/month depending on room size and furnishings. They can also opt to live in private accommodation in the outside market which has similar rent charges. Accommodations are available in form of single or shared rooms or apartments.

Cost of living

The cost of living depends on the place students choose to live and on their lifestyle. However, Zwickau is the second-cheapest city in Germany to study. Compulsory payment of 258 EUR/semester as a semester fee is necessary which includes a semester ticket for public transport in the city. An approximate cost of living is around 574-650 EUR/month including rent, food, clothing, and educational supplies.

Places to visit near the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau

  • Kunstsammlungen Zwickau- It is a division of the Stadtisches Museum Zwickau which was founded in 1925 and inaugurated on 23 April 1914 as the King Albert Museum.
  • Hirschfeld Wildlife Park- It is a wildlife park that contains about 600 animals of 90 species and trees up to 450 years old. It is also a children’s park.
  • Robert Schumann House- It is a place in Zwickau, where the composer Robert Schumann was born in 1810, converted into a museum now.
  • Talsperre Koberbach- It is a dam in the Zwickau which was built for the industrial water supply.

The university is devoted to Technology, Economics, Arts, and Life Sciences. It attracts more than 3300 students from across the world and helps them to develop a progression of skills essential for their future.

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