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University of Hohenheim

University of Hohenheim

About the University

The University of Hohenheim also known as Universität Hohenheim is the oldest in Stuttgart, Germany founded after massive famines in 1818. Adhering to its core values of ‘innovation’ and ‘fighting global challenges’, the university engages in multiple research projects and joint ventures with partner universities. Additionally, it’s an esteemed institution that offers award-winning degree programs with a specialization in bioeconomy. Apart from that, the university campus is known as one of the most beautiful in Stuttgart and takes pride in its personal atmosphere and green surroundings.


University of Hohenheim
University of Hohenheim

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University Ranking

Consequently, recent analysis shows the ranking of the university at 695 of 14,160 in the world, 277 of 2,789 in Europe, 50 of 370 in Germany, 9 of 62 in Baden-Württemberg, and 2 of 8 in Stuttgart. Furthermore, the rank for particular courses like biotechnology is 29 of 1,039 and top 50% for other topics.


Courses offered by the University of Hohenheim

The curriculum at the University of Hohenheim is divided into three faculties and all have German as the language of instruction except a few selected Masters’s programs that offer English as the language of study. Following are the course studies:

  • Agricultural Sciences:- Agricultural Sciences (BSc/MSc-German), Bioeconomy (MSc-English), Agricultural Sciences (MSc-English), Environmental Science (MSc-English), Agricultural Sciences (Doctorate-German/English).
  • Natural Sciences:- Agricultural Biology (BSc/MSc-German), Biology (BSc/MSc-German), Nutritional Management & Dietetics (BSc- German), Nutritional Science (BSc-German), Food Science & Biotechnology (BSc-German), Food Science and Engineering (MSc-English), Natural Sciences (Doctorate- German/English).
  • Economics & Social Sciences:- Information Systems (BSc/MSc-German), Education for Business & Economics (BSc/MSc-German), Business Administration & Economics (Doctorate – German/English)

Jobs & Internships – University Of Hohenheim

Internships are mandatory at the University of Hohenheim. Owing to that fact students can apply for several volunteer internships. Apart from that, the university provides internships for a selected few courses and The Career Center supports in the university helps in that regard. JobTeaser is an external company that closely cooperates with the university and helps provide students with jobs as well as internships. It also offers career tips and holds career events to boost students’ job profiles. In addition to that, many esteemed provide job opportunities, for instance, Porsche AG, Lidl, Bosch Group, Deutsche Bahn AG, MANGO, and many more.

Housing and Accommodation

Students in Stuttgart can opt for youth hostels or B&B’s located near the university for the first few days to settle in and start looking for permanent accommodation for their term. Furthermore, the university offers accommodation in residential apartments at resident halls consisting of single, double, and shared rooms. Students’ dormitories are readily available and are relatively cheap. While affordable private accommodations are hard to find in Stuttgart, shared flats are mostly cheap and can be found on online portals. The average rent for housing ranges from €250-€350/month.

Cost of Living

The living expenses incurred in Stuttgart are relatively affordable considering most of the students pay minimum or no tuition fees in German universities. Even though it completely depends on the student’s life. Besides students have to pay a minimum semester fee (Semesterbeitrag) of €185.50 which includes the StudiTicket of €103 for public transportation. Also, the average cost of living in Stuttgart is €749/month including rent, food, clothing, and transportation.

Places to Visit Near University Of Hohenheim

Stuttgart, also known as the manufacturing hub, is the capital of Baden-Württemberg. Therefore it has many places for students at the University of Hohenheim to visit. Following are a selected few:

  • The Palace Park: Formerly known as Old Botanical Garden, the park has winding paths and exotic trees and plants for students in university to observe and learn from. The Xylotheque and Information Systems further add to the learning experience. The gardens were established in the year 1772 as a Schlosspark first and then developed into a botanical garden later.
  • Mercedes-Benz Museum: Established in the year 1887 as a shop set up by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, the Mercedes-Benz brand has now transcended into its own company and has its own museum with 134 years of history under its belt. This site is foremost attractive to automobile lovers as its showcases the first cars ever built to the prototype of future cars.
  • Fernsehturm Stuttgart: It’s the first television tower built in 1956 and is 217 meters tall with an observation deck and restaurant at the top. Students can come here to unwind and take pleasure in the sweeping sights of the Swabian countryside which stretches as far as the Black Forest.

In a nutshell, the University of Hohenheim is a great draw for prospective students inclined towards agriculture and natural sciences as it is the leading university in agricultural research and has great opportunities for students of other fields too as it offers interdisciplinary studies.


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