University Of Marburg

University Of Marburg

About the University

The University of Marburg also known as Philips Universität Marburg is one of the oldest universities in the world founded in 1527. Its located in Landgrave, in the state of Hesse in Marburg. Apart from that, the university holds a significant position in research for life sciences. Initially, it was a humanities-centered university, but later after World War II, the university gained popularity for its studies in Philosophy and Theology. Moreover, today the Philip University of Marburg holds a notable position in various branches of study.


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University Of Marburg
University Of Marburg

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University Ranking

The University of Marburg is a renowned university so its rankings are nothing but stellar. As a result, it holds up its rank at 300 of 14,160 in the world, 115 of 2,789 in Europe, 26 of 370 in Germany, and 1 of 22 in Hesse. For particular topics, the rankings range at 64 of 1,005 for Cosmetology and top 50% for other 117 topics


Courses offered by the University of Marburg

The university specializes in various departments of various disciplines. Selected few offer German as the language of instructions. Following are some of the courses mentioned.

  • Law
  • Business and Economics
  • Social Sciences and Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Protestant Theology
  • History and Cultural Studies
  • History and Cultural Education
  • German Arts and Studies
  • Foreign Languages and Cultures(German)
  • Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacy(German)
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • Medicine(German)
  • Education

Jobs & Internships – University of Marburg

Students at the University of Marburg are expected to complete internships while studying to gain credits and experience the corporate world. Consequently, students must submit an internship report at the end of their course. Also, students can intern with governments, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, media outlets, or companies like McDonald’s, TK Maxx, VILA VITA, Unistaff, Dirk Rossmann, etc, and other organizations. Students graduating from here are given placement opportunities after completion of internships and courses.

Housing & Accommodation

Exchange and International students at the University of Marburg can apply for student rooms and housing. Apart from this, one can rent an apartment- fulfilling the criteria of paying cold rent(only stay) or warm rent (includes electricity, water, heating, etc.), according to self-convenience monthly. The average amount of rent in Marburg can range up to €290-€360/month. Furthermore, the university also provides guesthouses for international students so that students can settle temporarily while looking for permanent accommodation for their term.

Cost of Living

The town of Marburg is relatively cheap. Therefore, studying in Marburg becomes a little easier. For a student of the University of Marburg, the cost of living costs around €750-€800/month, including food, room, and clothing. Nevertheless, it depends upon the student’s lifestyle. What’s more, students can also do leisure activities from the above livings costs.

Places to Visit Near the University of Marburg

Popularly known for its German medieval flair, the small and vibrant town has many attractions to visit. Thus, some of the popular destinations include:

  • Marburger Schloss: Also known as Landgrafenschloss Marburg, is a castle built in the 11th century in Hesse, Germany as a fort. It also held the Marburg in 1529 and is one of the most entrancing historical buildings in town. Hence, students can visit this structure to explore its rich heritage.
  • Waggonhalle Culture Center: It’s a socio-cultural center where every year 200  to 250 events take place. In 1996 the center started its operations in a former railway building hence its name. Now it’s a phenomenon in the town which attracts thousands of visitors annually. Students can attend these events to get a feel of town life.
  • Grimm Path: It’s a fairytale path that spreads from Hanau to Bremen and Marburg is an important stop. Moreover, it is where the Brothers Grimm, writers of renowned fairytales like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, etc, lived and is a treasure trove for fairytale lovers with its majestic castles and palaces.

On the whole, the University of Marburg is a unique chance for prospective students to consider. Especially, with its focus on research in life sciences and the highest percentage of international students influx, it is an esteemed institution any student would be proud to call their alma mater.


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