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University of Oldenburg

University of Oldenburg

About the University

The University of Oldenburg also known as Carl von Ossietzky Universität is a well-known public educational institution in Oldenburg, Germany. Founded in 1973, the University of Oldenburg is one of the youngest universities in the country and offers a wide range of curriculum and interdisciplinary research programs for national as well as international students. The university’s main goal is to contribute to society with the help of science which remains its identity to date. To achieve that it provides over 95 distinguished course studies to its students in varied fields with its Ph.D. programs especially renowned in academia. The university was also awarded a ‘Cluster of Excellence’ in 2012 in the German Excellence Initiative.

University of Oldenburg
University of Oldenburg

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University Ranking

According to a recent analysis, the university ranking is 5 out of 26 in Lower Saxony, 53 of 370 in Germany, 294 of 2,789 in Europe, and 742 of 14,160 in the World. Apart from that, it ranks 143 of 1,013 for Oceanography, 153 of 1,137 for Renewable Energy Engineering, and 170 of 1,227 for Computational Linguistics.


Courses offered by the University of Oldenburg

The university’s curriculum provides the following programs for potential students:

  • Applied Economics and Data Sciences (MSc) (English)
  • Engineering Physics (MSc) (English)
  • European Master in Renewable Energy (MSc) (English)
  • Microbiology and Molecular Biomedicine (MSc) (English)
  • Neuroscience (MSc) (English)
  • Sustainable Renewable Energy Technologies (MSc) (English)
  • Comparative and European Law (LLB) (German)
  • Physics, Engineering and Medicine (BSc) (Bilingual)
  • Economics and Business Administration (BA) (German)

Jobs & Internships – University of Oldenburg

Students are permitted to work part-time jobs or apply for university internships as a ‘HiWi’ to earn some money and cope up with their expenses. Jobs outside the university are readily available in restaurants, stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls. Students can also search for jobs for big companies like Volkswagen, BOGE Rubber & Plastics, enercity, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, MHP – A Porsche Company, etc. on online portals.

House & Accommodation

For students, campus life begins with the accommodation search. The University of Oldenburg provides multiple options for housing that are designed to cater to student needs. The Studentenwerk allocates student dormitories where they can choose between single or shared apartments or double rooms within walking distance of the university campus or city center. Private accommodation can be found at housing associations or service agencies with apartments spread across the city. The average rent rate for accommodation in Oldenburg ranges from €250 – €380/month. Nevertheless, it varies from place to place.

Cost of Living

Germany’s lifestyle is considerably high but the cost of expenses depends upon the student’s way of living. The University of Oldenburg offers no tuition fees for selected programs but students have to make compulsory payments for semester fees (Semesterbeiträg) which is €181/semester (courses with tuition fees) and €415/semester (courses without tuition fees). The average cost of living in Oldenburg is approximately €860 which includes accommodation, health insurance, and food.

Places to Visit Near University of Oldenburg

Students can explore these sites making their experience of university more enjoyable.

  • Augusteum: Established in 1867, it’s the first art museum in Oldenburg, also the oldest purpose-built buildings in North Germany making it an interesting place to visit near the university. The museum houses famous paintings like ‘The Virgin and Child with St. Anne’ (1470) or ‘Portrait of a Florentine Boy’ along with many treasure troves of exhibits from the 1400s to 1700s for the public perusal. Students with an interest in classical art can explore this place to satisfy their curiosity.
  • Schlossgarten Oldenburg: The English Landscape garden is 16 hectares of lush green land filled with flowing lawns and winding paths near the Oldenburg Palace which erupts with color in May. This garden offers students to unwind and enjoy nature and get away from the hectic student life for a few moments.
  • Rathausmarkt: It’s a fresh produce market opened on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays located in the city center and students can purchase fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, flowers, bread, and pastries for an affordable rate here.

On the whole, the University of Oldenburg is an esteemed educational facility with exceptional on-campus amenities and good rankings in academics. The university is affiliated with more than 200 universities and its proficiency in sustainable development and renewable energy management are major assets prospective students can profit on.


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