WiSo Nuremberg (School of Business, Economics and Society)

WiSo Nuremberg (School of Business, Economics

and Society)

About WiSo Nuremberg (School of Business, Economics, and Society)

WiSo Nuremberg (School of Business, Economics, and Society), is a public research university located in the city of Nuremberg in Bavaria. It is one of the second largest state universities in Bavaria with 5 faculties which consist of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology, Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Sciences, and Faculty of Engineering. It is also considered in the list of top 10 german universities with about 14% of international students.


WiSo Nuremberg (School of Business, Economics
WiSo Nuremberg (School of Business, Economics

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Ranking (Overall)

It is ranked 183 internationally and 16th nationally.

Internships near WiSo Nuremberg (School of Business, Economics, and Society)

As the university is well renowned and has the best education system, so many companies are willing to offer internships to its students. 47 Qualcomm CDMA Technologies GmbH, All The Top Bananas Germany, Campusjäger, Huawei Technologies, are some of the companies that provide internships to enthusiastic students.

Jobs Near WiSo Nuremberg (School of Business, Economics, and Society)

Being the second-largest city in Germany, Nuremberg has several renowned companies that need some best employees, who can grow their business while growing themselves. Some top-notch companies like PUMA, TU Munich, SUSE software, Datev, and many others offer great job opportunities to students.

Houses and Accommodation

Nuremberg is one of the top cities in Germany yet cost-friendly with many job opportunities for students, so it welcomes students every year. It usually depends on the choice of the student as private accommodations are generally costlier than flatshare, dormitories, or student apartments. Student apartments generally do not cost above EUR 450.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Germany generally does not exceed EUR 900, which is considered the minimal cost. Students can live easily with some part-time work in the city.

Places to visit near University

There are several beautiful places to visit in Nuremberg, namely:

  • Altstadt- It is the most beautiful old town with so much to see from the market, churches, and its beautiful architecture.
  • Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds- It gives an overview of the rise and the fall of the Nazi party.
  • Nuremberg Christmas Market- It is the must-check market especially in December.
  • Kaiserburg Nurnberg- It represents the power and importance of the holy roman empire of Germany.
  • Tiergarten Nuernberg- It has a wide variety of animals in its huge complex.

Courses offered by the University

On the whole, the WiSo Nuremberg School of Business, Economics and Society is a prestigious educational institution that provides students with academic and co-curricular facilities. For students with an interest in economics, business, and management, this university is highly recommended.

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