Expatrio Scholarship 2024 offering 12,000 euros for students in Germany

Expatrio Scholarship 2024 offering 12,000 euros for Students in Germany

Overcome financial worries and focus on your new life in Germany! The Expatrio Scholarship 2024 offers an incredible opportunity for international students to pursue their education in Germany without the financial burden. With a total prize pool of €21,000 and additional benefits, this scholarship is designed to support you on your educational journey.


  • First prize: €12,000
  • Second prize: €6,000
  • Third prize: €3,000
  • Prizes for winners from 4th to 10th place include 3 months’ rent, a new laptop, German language lessons, and semester contribution fees.

The deadline for submitting your scholarship application is 30th September 2024. This scholarship aims to provide financial support, secure your visa, and offer top-rated assistance throughout your entire journey in Germany.

Why Choose the Expatrio Scholarship?

Moving to a new country can be challenging, and studying internationally is often expensive and stressful. Expatrio is committed to making your dream of studying in Germany a reality. We created this scholarship to support you financially while assisting with your visa and integration into German life. With 10 prizes available, your chances of winning are higher.

Education transforms lives and brings people together from around the world. We aim to empower you and contribute to building a better global community. Your success in Germany matters to us. While you focus on your studies and new life, we’ll take care of the rest!

How Does the Expatrio Scholarship Work?

Applying for the Expatrio Scholarship is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Answer the Expatrio Scholarship 2024 question by submitting a video via our application form.
  2. Create a video showing us your passion. Everyone has a fair chance, regardless of video quality or editing skills.
  3. Our judging panel will analyze the video submissions and select the winners.
  4. The top prize winner will receive €12,000, second place will receive €6,000, and third place will receive €3,000. Additional prizes will be awarded to fourth to tenth place winners.
  5. Winners will receive their prize money after activating their Blocked Account and Health Insurance with Expatrio.

Eligibility Criteria

The Expatrio Scholarship is open to students worldwide who meet the following criteria:

  • Apply for the Expatrio Value Package by 30th September 2024.
  • Begin your studies in the Winter Semester 2024.
  • Arrive in Germany and activate your Blocked Account and Health Insurance by 31st October 2024.

Video Submission Guidelines

  • Your video should answer the scholarship question in either English or German (subtitles are accepted).
  • The video should be no longer than 2 minutes, in mp4 format, and must not include any copyrighted content.
  • Submit your video by 30th September 2024.

Selection Criteria

We want to see your personality shine through and inspire us. Your video should be:

  • Creative and original
  • Clearly answering the question asked

While high-quality videos are appreciated, your submission will not be judged solely on production quality. We value creativity and the content of your message.

How to Apply for the Expatrio Scholarship?

  1. Apply for the Expatrio Value Package.
  2. Submit your video entry and Value Package application before 30th September 2024.
  3. Arrive in Germany and activate your Blocked Account and Health Insurance with Expatrio by 31st October 2024.

Prize Distribution

Expatrio Scholarship winners will receive their prize money directly into the bank account used for their Blocked Account payouts. Winners will be announced by the end of November 2024, and prize money will be awarded shortly after. We will contact the winners with exact details.

Using Your Expatrio Scholarship Money

Congratulations to our scholarship winners! You can use the prize money to purchase a new laptop, cover your rent, or explore Germany. We encourage you to use the funds to reduce financial stress and enhance your educational experience. For winners of specific prizes like rent and semester fees, proof of costs will be required before receiving the prize money, which will be sent directly to your bank account.

The Expatrio Scholarship 2024 is a fantastic opportunity for students aiming to study in Germany. Apply now, submit your video, and take the first step towards a financially supported and successful educational journey in Germany.

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