Diwali 2023 in Germany: Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Joy

Diwali 2023 in Germany: Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Joy

Diwali, the festival of lights, is just around the corner, and in Germany, it’s more than just a celebration for the Indian diaspora. With a significant Indian population in the country, Diwali is embraced with enthusiasm and joy. This year, Diwali falls on November 12th, and there are numerous exciting events and celebrations planned for Diwali 2023 in Germany.

Diwali Dhamaka, Munich – November 10th

If you’re in Bavaria, head to Munich for the Diwali Dhamaka, a special dinner party catering to Germany’s Indian community. This event offers a sumptuous buffet, live music, dancing, fireworks, and a “kids corner” with games. While official registration has closed, you can still contact the organizers if you wish to participate.

Diwali Mela – Various Cities, November 11th – 25th

Experience the magic of Diwali lights in Germany’s cities. Although they may not match the grandeur of India’s fireworks, these events in Hanau (November 11th), Hamburg (November 18th), and Cologne (November 25th) promise to dazzle with their light shows, dance performances, musical shows, and Indian street food. Tickets are available in advance for €15, or €10 for children aged 4-15.

Diwali 2023 Evening Event, Berlin – November 11th

In Berlin, the Indiawaale culture organization is hosting a special event on the evening before Diwali at the Sri Ganesha Hindi Temple by Hasenheide Park. Expect traditional live music, dance performances, snacks, and a beautiful display of lights.

Diwali Desert Charm Event, Bonn – November 12th

On the day of Diwali itself, the Toni-Mail Hall in Bonn will come alive with serpent dances and the mesmerizing rhythms of tabla and harmonium presented by the Kalbeliya and Langa, the dancer and musician group of Rajasthan. Tickets for this colorful music event are available in advance for €12.

Diwali Festival in Berlin – November 18th and 19th

For the second year in a row, Sage Beach bar in Berlin will host a vibrant celebration. Enjoy dance performances by community artists, food stands with delightful dishes prepared by desi chefs, and a Bollywood Party. Kids up to the age of 12 can enter for free, while adults pay €8.60 for a ticket. Ensure you book in advance for this popular event.

Diwali-Annakut Celebration, Stuttgart – November 18th

Stuttgart celebrates Diwali with a unique twist, combining the festival of lights with a special religious food offering known as Annakut. This offering includes a delightful array of food items, snacks, sweets, pickles, spicy dishes, salads, and fruit drinks. Attendees can contribute to the Annakut or simply enjoy the festivities.

Diwali & Annakut Celebration 2023, Frankfurt – November 26th

Head to Frankfurt for a special Diwali celebration featuring traditional decorations, a cultural program, and a Prasadam religious food offering. This event promises a grand Annakut/Rajbhog with over 300 food items, followed by a lunch. The event is free of charge, and participants can volunteer to bring along food.

Make the most of Diwali 2023 in Germany by joining these exciting events and celebrations. Diwali 2023 in Germany promises to be a vibrant and culturally rich celebration, uniting people from diverse backgrounds in the spirit of light and joy. From traditional festivities to musical extravaganzas, these events offer something for everyone to enjoy and embrace the essence of this cherished Indian festival.

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