English Degree Programs in Germany

English Degree Programs in German Universities, Opening
Opportunities for International Students

An updated list of 2022 shows that about 220 universities in Germany provide English degree programs for international students.

German Universities with English degree programs in

Enlisted below universities are some in Germany which offer their degree programs exclusively in English:

    • Jacobs University Bremen
    • Hertie School of Governance, in Berlin
    • Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, in Munich
    • Bard College Berlin (Bachelor’s only)
    • CODE University of Applied Sciences, in Berlin (Bachelor’s only)

English degree programs in popular Universities in Germany

Due to their top ranking or the location facilities, some Universities in Germany are marked among the highest status of both education as well as popularity. International students over the globe travel to grab their seats in some of the finest institutes located here in Germany.
Below enlisted are some examples:

1. LMU – Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Public University with 51,000 approximate student capacity and program fees of € 0 – € 10,000 (per semester).

2. TUM –Technical University of Munich

Public Technical University with 47,000 approximate student capacity and program fees of € 0 – € 9,750 (per semester)

3. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Humboldt University Berlin)

Public University with 36,000 approximate student capacity and program fees of€ 0 – € 4,726 (per semester).

4. Freie Universität Berlin (Free University Berlin)

Public University with 38,000 approximate student capacity and program fees of € 0 – € 4,750 (per semester).

Is German vocabulary required?

The answer to the question is NO. Keeping every minute detail in focus while studying in Germany, learning the German language, or being able to communicate more in this specific language is not mandatory. Grow your vocabulary skills to meet your daily requirements.

The University degree programs are not confined, so any international student can take their time and learn the language as per their needs. Moreover, they provide the opportunity to take German classes on their campus. If you are willing to learn from any other German language school you are always free to do it. It is a very healthy environment even if you carry out your daily schedule in English, be it in education or a public place. But upgrading your skills accordingly is a wise decision.

‘Tuition-free’ Rule to keep in mind!

All the Universities in Germany charge a minimal semester contribution of 200 – 300 € (per semester, they call it Semesterbeitrag) to incur the administrative and public transportation cost they provide to the students. But the free education system in Universities in Germany includes non-EU students accompanied by other students without any hidden tricks.
Some points to focus on are:

  1. The state of Baden-Württemberg: Located in South Germany, it has a compulsory tuition fee of 1,500 € per semester for all non-EU students.
  2. Private Universities: Germany has a greater number of private Universities with a lower average tuition cost than any abroad country. Universities charge 5,000 and 7,000 € per semester.
  3. Professional Programs: L.L.M., MBA, MPA, or even the Erasmus Mundus joint master’s degrees are some executive programs for which universities may charge a minimal tuition fee.

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