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Top 10 Business Management Universities In Germany

Top 10 Business Management Universities In Germany

Germany is undeniably an enticing destination for students pursuing business administration. On one hand, this is attributed to the nation’s strong and growing economy, which actively seeks to hire individuals with global experience and a solid skill set. It is a leader in research, technology, and the use of innovation to strengthen its businesses. According to the World Bank, it has the largest economy in Europe and ranks fourth globally. Moreover, it is worth noting that the German economy is considerably more stable compared to the American economy, which, despite being the largest, tends to experience volatile fluctuations. Getting a business degree in Germany could be one of the smartest decisions you will ever make in your life and career. In this blog post, we will look into the Top 10 Business Management Universities in Germany.

Salary in Germany after attaining MBA

Home to global centres like Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich; you will get a hold of ample jobs after an MBA in Germany. Pursuing an MBA in Germany is a wise investment, as the German MBA salary ranges from 80,000 EUR to 100,000 EUR per annum on average.

Top 10 Business Management Universities 

1. Technical University Of Munich

Undoubtedly, TUM is the top choice when it comes to seeking the best MBA programs in Germany. The TUM School of Management assists students in building solid foundations in modern management practices. An executive MBA program is available for those interested in pursuing a career in technology. Students gain from the university’s network of top international corporations that serve as business partners.

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 2. University Of Tuebingen

These three characteristics best describe what makes the University of Tübingen unique: innovative, multidisciplinary, and international. Tübingen’s response to the challenges of the future in a globalised world is excellent research and teaching.

3.University of Mannheim – Mannheim Business School

The Mannheim Business School provides 12- and 24-month full-time and part-time MBA programmes. The full-time MBA program can be completed in 12 months, or a three-month extension can be made to accommodate the earning of a second Management Analytics certification or the option to undertake an internship by the students. Furthermore, a full-time MBA at TUM is priced at €39,900 in tuition. It is worth noting that the average salary for graduates of the MBA program is approximately €95,464. Technology accounted for 41% of the MBA class of 2022’s placements, followed by manufacturing (16%) and financial services (11%).

4.HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

There are two options available for the HHL Leipzig full-time MBA programme: 12-month fast track including three months for the master’s thesis. Advance track: up to 21 months, with the option of a professional internship or a term abroad. The cost of tuition for the MBA programme is €39,500.

 5. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The Frankfurt School of Finance and Management offers a full-time MBA program that lasts for 12 months. Furthermore, IU International offers an 18-month Full-Time Executive MBA program. Additionally, students have the option to switch to a part-time course, allowing them to adapt their studies to their circumstances. The MBA class of 2022 reported an average salary of €67,000. The average cost of a full-time MBA is €39,000. Health care (11%), technology (19%), and financial services (19%) received the majority of the student placements.

 6. ESMT Berlin

The 14-month, full-time ESMT Berlin MBA programme begins in January. Berlin situates it and emphasizes big data, technology, innovation, and sustainable company growth. Additionally, they offer a 24-month part-time MBA program. It is noteworthy that the cost of a one-year MBA amounts to €43,500. Furthermore, it is interesting to mention that the average salary for the MBA class of 2020 stands at €71,900. Technology and e-commerce received the most placements for students (22%), followed by consulting (12%) and food (8%).

7. WHU University – Otto Beisheim School of Management

The 12-month full-time MBA programme is offered by the WHU institution in Germany. The course provides chances for leadership and self-improvement experiential learning. The typical MBA earns €77,897 per year, and the cost of a full-time MBA is €40,500. Technology and startups hired the most students (39%), followed by consumer goods and FMCG (13%), and financial services (13%). The incoming class has an average GMAT score of 600+.

 8. University of Europe Applied Sciences

Furthermore, with IU International, in addition to the aforementioned benefits, you also have the advantage of accessing a diverse range of specializations. This offers practical preparation for current trends and challenges in your desired field. Moreover, these specializations encompass areas such as Big Data, Finance and Accounting, or International Marketing. It is worth noting that their MBA program is offered completely online, providing flexibility for both full-time and part-time study schedules. Alternatively, you also have the option to attend classes on one of their German campuses.

 9. Arden University Berlin

A highly qualified and experienced academic team, including members with diverse business practitioners, consulting, and research experiences, will teach you. Some of these team members have published in cutting-edge scholarly journals.

10. EU Business schools

At the EU Business School, the full-time MBA programme lasts for a full year. Furthermore, in addition to the aforementioned options, they offer a 24-month, part-time MBA program. EU has specifically designed MBA programs to cater to the needs of working professionals and individuals with managerial experience. It is worth noting that the full-time MBA program entails a tuition cost of €20,850 (three terms) or €6,950 per term.


Degrees that ensure a high rate of employment and a cheap cost of living are valued by universities in Germany. Students from all over the world move to Germany each year to pursue their educations, attracted by the country’s rich history and lively culture. With the help of this article, you will learn about the universities that are ranked at the top in Germany for business management.

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